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  1. I also just recieved my invite! Good luck everyone
  2. Seemingly based off of previous years, it looks like they usually send a second round of invites after people have accepted or rejected their offer. Now the way they go about that I’m not too sure, although it does seem like they might have sent a lot of invites out and then will send a few more later. I don’t know if it would make sense for them to send out 300+ invites all at once. But who knows lol !
  3. I also have a similar gpa as OOP about ~3.3 pre-req and ~3.85 last 30 and haven’t recieved an interview. Maybe they had a really strong applicant pool this year. I’m nervous that if I even make the cut for the second wave of invites. Fingers crossed we all do!! It’s much harder being OPP
  4. Hey guys, this is my second time applying as I didn’t receive an interview last year, I’ve improved my gpa from 3.3 to 3.6, hopefully that’s enough to get an interview. Does anyone know if being an OOP applicant have an effect on gpa? Like, should I present a higher average as an OOP to receive an interview?
  5. Okay! Thanks for your response. Do U mind saying what day you had to accept or decline the invitation?
  6. Has anyone received an interview invitation yet?
  7. Okay that makes much more sense now ! Thank you for your help.
  8. Thanks for your response! Yes you are right, for semester 1 they will only need 3 credit for calculating . Therefore, for that semester they will just use any of the 5 courses taken and add it to the remainder 27 credits ?
  9. Hi I’m planning on sending my application in soon, and was confused about how they calculate the last 30 credits. do the credits have to be within a fall or winter term to be included? Because I took 6 courses this past fall 2017 semester, and 5 courses in the winter 2017 semester. However I also took 3 in the spring 2017 semester - will those even be looked or included into my last 30 credit calculation. Sorry it’s kind of confusing.
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