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  1. Hi, I go to UofC, but I want to take an english in the spring/summer semester at UBC or UofL or UofA (or whatever school has a good online english class) so I can fulfill the UBC english prerequisite since UofC isn't offering any good english options in the spring/summer. Now that spring/summer courses are online at most schools, can I enroll in them and how would anti-requisites work (I've already taken ENGL201 at UofC)? Thank you!
  2. I am going to be choosing my courses for uni, and I'm not sure whether I should take these physics courses to prepare for the MCAT or just self-study physics over the summer and replace these courses with some bird courses. I've finished Alberta physics in high school with a pretty high mark (97%) and I know the physics on the MCAT is pretty easy, but I want to make sure I'm covered without ruining my GPA for no reason. Should I just take physics 221 or both or none? Physics 221 Mechanics Introductory Newtonian particle mechanics and rigid bodies in rotational equilibrium: Kinematics, Newton's laws, conservation of momentum and mechanical energy. Physics 223 Introductory Electromagnetism, and Thermal Physics Electrical forces and energy. Static electric fields due to point charges. Parallel-plate capacitor. Simple DC circuits. Lorentz force. Static magnetic fields generated by electric currents. Electromagnetic induction. Gas Laws; kinetic theory of gases; temperature, thermal energy, specific heat; energy transfer; laws of thermodynamics; PVT diagrams.
  3. No, they should not. But I'm just not sure if I would be allowed to decline that award after initially accepting...
  4. Yes, they are for separate programs and the one I have been accepted to does not allow you to accept any other research grant in addition to it.
  5. I applied to 2 research grants, and I was given an acceptance to one of them today! The problem is that the one I haven't heard back from offers a higher amount of money, and I need to respond to my offer from the first one in 5 days. Should I send an email to the other grant asking them when a decision will be made? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm going into 1st year of undergrad, and I have to start thinking about course selection. What do you all think about taking 4 courses vs 5/semester? Pros of taking 4: - more time to focus on remaining courses and do better in them - more time to work on ECs and other parts of my app Cons of taking 4 / pros of taking 5: - some med schools won't allow you to drop your lowest year (ex. UofT) I am hoping to go to UofC medical school, and it seems that it would be advantageous to just do 4, b/c the school seems very focused on ECs, and won't drop ur lowest year if you take 5. However I don't want to limit my options to other schools. I'm thinking the best compromise is to an extra easy course to bump it up to 5courses/semester??? the problem is that I don't want to spend a ton of extra money (>$1200/yr) on these filler classes. I'd really appreciate your advice!!!
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