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  1. It’s totally possible. I scored nearly the same as you on the MCAT. I have a social work background so I basically wrote the MCAT just for the CARS score and did my best in the other sections, making educated guesses. I scored 129 on CARS, 130 on psych, and like you, lower in the science sections. I think my GPA for Mac was 3.81. I applied only to Calgary and McMaster and was accepted to both schools. I was considered IP for both locations due to growing up in Ontario (undergrad at Western) and then living in Calgary now. Some would advise against my approach to getting into med school because it’s more limited for options and a poor overall MCAT might be a detriment for other schools. However, it worked for me and if it’s something you’re considering I wanted you to know it’s possible. If you do decide to go this route, my recommendation would be to begin preparing for the interview early. 3.84 and 129 CARS, along with a good casper, is more than enough. Mac weighs the interview at 70% so honestly once you have the interview offer that’s far more important than your GPA or CARS in determining whether you get in.
  2. catlady403

    Back at square one...

    I wonder if perhaps you didn't interview as well as you thought you did? Your stats are so good and in conjunction with your ECs they got you to the MMI stage. That leads me to wonder whether your chances next year might be improved by focusing on the MMI.
  3. It's true. I went for a consult today at LASIK MD in Calgary. They quoted me $2300 for both eyes, which is nearly 50% off. The discount is via the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. As far as I'm aware, it's only available at LASIK MD.
  4. catlady403

    Back at square one...

    Your stats are excellent. Have the schools themselves been able to give you any feedback on your interview performance?
  5. catlady403

    MCAT Rewrite Advice

    Your application was obviously good enough to secure an interview, so I would wait until you find out how you performed on the interview. If I'm not mistaken, that information gets released to unsuccessful applicants at some point in the coming months. If your interview score was below average, that would be the area where I would invest time and energy, rather than writing the MCAT again.
  6. Result: Accepted to Hamilton campus Time stamp: 8:52 AM EST GPA: 3.81 CARS: 129 CASPER: Felt incredible about 3-4 sections, 2-3 sections I was in the middle of my sentence on the last question and got cut off, others felt pretty OK and I just went with my instinct because the test went by so quickly! Interview: Honestly, the best interview of my life. I did not feel any stations went poorly. Three felt mediocre, the rest felt incredible. I particularly felt like I nailed the acting station. Geography: IP (master's degree) I will be turning down my offer to attend the University of Calgary. I live in Calgary already and it makes no sense for me to move. This was a hard decision to make as my interview day at McMaster was extraordinarily enjoyable.
  7. Result: Accepted! Geography: IP GPA: 3.83 MCAT: 505 CARS 129 Degree: BA (Sociology), BSW, MSW E.C: A few long-term commitments Interview: I felt the group and panel stations went extraordinarily well but I was unsure of my performance on the MMI.
  8. catlady403

    Interview Invites

    Are you keeping up your registration with the ACSW even as a med student?
  9. catlady403

    Interview Invites

    Just out of curiosity, do you happen to have a social work background? I noticed the "MSW" in your username I'm interviewing next month. I graduated with my MSW in 2016 and am working for AHS now. I would be so excited to see that another social work student had been admitted in a previous year.
  10. catlady403

    Calgary Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    TIME STAMP: January 19 10:28 MST Result: Invite wGPA: 3.83 MCAT: 129 CARS ECs: I find it difficult to measure this - however, I did put a lot of effort into writing my top 10. Year: master's complete Geography: IP
  11. catlady403

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Time stamp: 2:23pm EST Invite/Reject: Invite (MD) GPA: 3.81 CARS: 129 Casper: Felt incredible about 3-4 sections, 2-3 sections I was in the middle of my sentence on the last question and got cut off, others felt pretty OK and I just went with my instinct because the test went by so quickly! IP, master's degree
  12. @albertaboy11 No problem! If you take a look at the admissions stats from last year for the total applicant pool, you will see there are very few outliers as far as the initial pre MMI (new review) score goes. It looks like approx two people scored in the low 120s, and two people scored a 130. What that says to me is that not all of us are superheroes. Those four likely excel in all areas, but we all make sacrifices and sometimes this leads to putting all of our eggs in one basket. You're a D1 athlete! I competed in the CIS for my sport during my BA (only for two years), and I understand how time consuming it is with practices and meets/games... we even traveled internationally, and this was during the school year. It's safe to say we sacrifice many things at the expense of this commitment, like being consistently on campus and getting involved in other opportunities.
  13. Hi! I can provide limited insight, though I am a current applicant for this cycle so I obviously cannot say whether the route I took has been ultimately helpful in getting me into medical school. I can keep you posted as we will be hearing by early February whether we have secured interviews. I have a BA, a bachelor of social work degree, and a master of social work degree. Currently I work for Alberta Health Services as a mental health therapist. In spite of this non-traditional background, medical school has been a dream of mine since childhood. It took me awhile to decide that studying for the MCAT was worth my while and to subsequently commit to my dream of becoming a physician. Personally, I needed some clinical experience to see which aspects of working with people I really enjoyed. If you have another year left at ASU and feel like you are lacking in clinical experience, perhaps that is something you can look at. Are there any internships or even volunteer opportunities where you can get a taste of whether medicine might be something you would enjoy? During my undergrad, I took two semesters of first year chemistry and two semesters of first year biology as far as science goes, but no physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, or upper-year biology classes. In addition to that, studying for the MCAT while working full-time with my other commitments was difficult. I knew that because Calgary gives significant weight to CARS, it was best to focus my effort on that section, although the “overall academic merit” piece meant that my other sections would be noted. If I had the luxury of taking a year off to take all of the prerequisites and study for the MCAT with the vigor I wanted to, I absolutely would have, so if it would be easy for you to do this and you get to keep competing in your sport I say go for it. Again, take my opinion as an applicant with a grain of salt, but I think the fact that you have no clinical or research experience is okay. If you have an opportunity, by all means pursue it, but I personally don't think it's the end of the world. My research experience consisted of my 4th year thesis in undergrad, and that definitely wasn't published. I was passionate about it and adored writing it, but it wasn't conventionally successful in the sense that the Canadian Journal of Sociology never picked up my little qualitative study with ten participants, lol. But to me it wasn't about that - I tried to convey how much fun I had doing this research and how fantastic my supervisor was and how it has actually inspired me to pursue an MD in conjunction with perhaps a social science PhD years down the road. I SO admire undergrads and master's level students who have been published, but a MSW is a practicum-based degree so that just was not in the cards for me right now. I think a business degree might be similarly lacking in research? That's okay. We are non-traditional students and this is normal for us. I wanted to share this with you because I know it can be hard after you have invested time and energy on a less traditional pre-med subject, wondering whether you can successfully write the MCAT. I think us non-science students have a lot to offer as potential physicians and from what it seems like Calgary is one of the Canadian schools that makes it easier for us to apply and be competitive. I hope some parts of my experience were helpful. Good luck with the rest of your degree!