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  1. Result: Invite GPA: 3.57 MCAT: 502 (CPBS 125, CARS 125, BBFL 126, PSBB 126) Current Degree: Open studies at UofC to upgrade my GPA. I have a BSc (Honours Chemistry), and MSc (Organic Chemistry). Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): This is a long list as I am an older applicant (29 years old). Awards include scholarships, awards for oral presentations at conferences, and athletic awards. Achievements include degrees, publications, and a promotion in a professional setting. Volunteering includes in-hospital and community-based volunteering. Employment includes teaching assistant (as a grad student), and work in the pharmaceutical industry. Research includes my BSc and MSc research and 4 publications. CASPer: I felt that it went very well. I did not prepare other than searching online and asking people that have taken it before. I was open and honest with my answers and focused on what was important for each scenario (for example a patient).
  2. Have you taken your exam yet? I am registered for the Aug 31 date in Calgary and would like a study buddy throughout the summer!
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