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  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering what call is like for staff neurologists who work at community hospitals (without residents). Do they frequently have to go in overnight while on call? Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone. I am interested in Anesthesia but am a mature student so lifestyle during residency is important to me. I was wondering if people can comment on the intensity/difficulty of an Anesthesia residency and the type of call shifts that are required. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your input @skyuppercutt. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. If a Cardiologist sets up an outpatient office practice or joins a outpatient group practice can he/she decide how many hours to work per week. I like cardiology as well but my understanding is that they work upwards of 60hrs/wk which is scary.
  4. Hey everyone, confused pre-clerk here trying to narrow down my residency choices. I really like IM and some of its sub-specialties, specifically - GI, Endocrinology, Geriatrics, Hematology, ID and Nephro. Due to family reasons I need to stay in the Greater Toronto Area. Does anyone know what the job market is like for the stated sub-specialties in a hospital setting? Also are extra fellowships/masters needed for community hospital jobs in these sub-specialties? I could really use people's advice. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Everyone....I am trying to get an idea of the lifestyle of a staff neurologist. In a community hospital setting what are the hours and call like? Any input is appreciated.
  6. Hello Everyone...I am a med student interested in both IM and neurology. Lifestyle and working in the Toronto area are important to me due to family reasons. I had a few questions and would appreciate ppl's opinions as it will help me decide. 1. How does neurology residency compare to IM in terms of intensity and average hours worked/week? What is the comparison for like staff? 2. Is call for staff neurologists in community hospitals worse than call for IM docs in similar hospitals? 3. If I choose not to do a fellowship following neurology will I be limited to purely clinical practice if I want to work in the Toronto area? Or can I get a job at a community hospital? Thank you very much for your answers in advance. I really appreciate it.
  7. Hello everyone, What are the job opportunities like in academic centres (Ontario) for Physiatrists? I am interested in Physiatry research and would love to research work in academic centres but I'm worried about job opportunities. Thanks.
  8. Thank you everyone!! One more question...I like clinical research and academic work. Is there any hope of getting such jobs in Toronto in Fam med/Psych/GIM? I plan on doing fellowship/masters.
  9. Thank you everyone for for your honest answers. I really appreciate it. Due to family reasons, I would prefer to stay in Toronto during residency and definitely need to work in the Greater Toronto Area upon completing residency. Family medicine is definitely something I am strongly considering. @NLengr what do you think about General Peds, GIM, Neurology and Ophthalmology if I'd like to stay in Toronto? Thanks.
  10. Hello...I'm a MS2 still undecided about which specialty I want to go into. Job opportunities is something I want to consider while selecting a specialty because, I do not want to be unemployed or face difficulty finding a job in the Toronto area. What is a good place to look for jobs listings to gauge what the job market is like for different specialties? I thought HFO was a good source, but then I heard that not all jobs are publicly posted. Is that right? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  11. Hello everyone, I am a med student trying to decide between ENT and Urology. Does anyone know how the lifestyle as staff compare for the two specialties? My hunch is that ENT might be slightly better because my guess is that ENT call is better than Urology call. Thanks for your input.
  12. Hello everyone, I was wondering how one can be a competitive applicant for peds, internal medicine or family medicine. I understand that for some surgical specialties research looks good on CaRMs, is this the case for ped/FM/IM as well? And besides research what else can one do to be competitive? Thanks.
  13. Given how competitive some surgical residencies are (Ophtho, Plastics, ENT, Urology etc.) is it possible to strongly back up a surgical specialty with IM or FM? If so, how does one go about doing this? Like how would one cater their CV to both a surgical specialty and one of IM/FM and how does one spin their story at both interviews? Thanks.
  14. Thank you all for for the detailed answers...really appreciate it. Can someone explain to me what preclerkship electives are and how I can go about doing them? I am only aware of clerkship electives.
  15. Hey everyone...first yr med student here wondering how to make good use of my summer months so that I can be a strong applicant to competitive programs. Any advice/tips are very much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. According to the CMA Urology Profile, staff urologists work around 55 hours per week on avg and do 46 hours of call per month. I was wondering if staff urologists in community practice have the freedom to modify their schedule to potentially work slightly less hours, or is this not possible? Also, I am assuming that at academic centres staff urologists will be putting in 55ish hours easily and don't have the freedom to work less. Am I right? I ask because while I like surgery and don't mind the long hours during residency, I would like a specialty where I work more reasonable hours (47-50ish per week) as staff. Thank you for your help.
  17. Hello...I am just a first year med student but I was wondering if it is possible to be a competitive applicant to two competitive fields. For instance if I wanted to apply to 2 surgical fields (Urology and ENT) is it possible to do research, electives, and get the required reference letters etc. over the course of medical school to be a competitive applicant to both fields or is that too far fetched? Also, assuming I did that would the program directors rank me low because I am not showing explicit interest in their field, but rather showing interest in 2 fields? Thank you!!
  18. Thank you freewheeler and Bambi for your response. Really appreciate it!!
  19. Hello, I was hoping if someone can answer a few questions I have about both the fields... Between ENT and Urology...is one of them is more locum friendly than the other? Also are the job prospects for one better than the other? And, since both are fairly competitive, if I were to choose one, is it possible to back it up with something safe like FM, Pediatrics or Internal Medicine? Thank you.
  20. Thank you GrouchoMarx. Really appreciate your response. I do have some additional questions... Between the two do you know if one of them is more locum friendly than the other? Also are the job prospects for one better than the other? Finally, since both are fairly competitive, if I were to choose one, is it possible to back it up with something safe like FM, Pediatrics or Internal Medicine? Thanks.
  21. Hello everyone. I am a first year Ontario med student who is really interested in ENT and Urology and am considering the two fields. However, I keep hearing that job prospects are horrible and that many residents don' find jobs after graduating. Just out of curiosity what do residents who don't find jobs do?
  22. Is the OMA insurance good enough or are people getting additional disability insurance?
  23. When people are suggesting that med students get disability insurance for the LOC...do you mean get the insurance via the bank you are getting the LOC from or from some other insurance company?
  24. Hey everyone...I'm still on the waitlist and hoping to get in. Does anyone know when they send they usually send the "class is full" email?
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