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  1. Hello! 2nd year OOP student at U of M here. My class (2022s) actually filled up all 5 of our spots. I got my offer off the waitlist about 2 weeks after the initial offers were sent out (mid-June I think? It's a bit of a blur now). The 5th person to accept got his offer sometime in July which is fairly late. I don't know if anyone was on the waitlist below him, although it's quite possible. So I wouldn't say acceptance is guaranteed. However, the 2023s only had 3 OOPs accept (i.e. they for sure went all the way down the list and still didn't fill 2 OOP spots). I don't think failing the interview is terribly common. I know USask failed over 40% of OOPs interviewed but I think U of M only fails people like 2+ SD below the mean of all interviewees (including IP). They have a fairly rigorous red flag review process as well that results in some of them getting dropped. My hunch is that the introduction of the CASPer is actually decreasing the number of OOP people accepting their offers. In the past, U of M was a good option for people that had great MCATs and GPAs and lacked extracurriculars/had poorer CASPer performances that prevented them from getting into other schools. Given the astronomically low odds of getting an interview at U of M as an OOP, the people that do get interviews now probably have great CASPer scores and are competitive at other schools that look at it (McMaster, McGill, Ottawa, Dal, etc). This is in addition to the fact that they probably have great GPAs and MCATs as well. TL;DR I wouldn't say that your odds of getting accepted are 100%, but I do think they are very high post-interview compared to most other schools. The major hurdle tends to be pre-interview rather than post-interview. Best of luck to everyone and let me know if you have any questions ! Waiting it out was hard enough before COVID hit.
  2. OOP does not have tiers and runs independently of the IP waitlist. If the OOP spots are not filled (which is a possibility), they will revert to IP spots.
  3. If anyone is looking for the link to the Class of 2023 Facebook Group, here it is! https://www.facebook.com/groups/453811018705755/
  4. I was in this situation last year and didn't exactly know what was happening, but having references contacted as an OOP means that you are at least on the waitlist. The top 5 are offered spots and then they move down from there. TLDR passing=offer or waitlist for OOP, fail (no references contacted)=rejection.
  5. https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/2018 Admissions Statistics 5-Year Summary.pdf this will probably help you out a bit. It said that a 43.5%ile on the interview would be considered a pass for the OOP pool. I think this is actually higher than it has been in previous years. If you pass the interview as an OOP, you are either waitlisted or accepted (your references will be contacted if you pass so if they are contacted, that is a good sign). I was notified of being waitlisted on May 15th last year and was accepted off the waitlist on June 11th. I was actually offered a Saskatoon spot rather than Regina (I'm assuming most OOPs choose Saskatoon), so there is definitely a ton of waitlist movement and not a ton of people accept their spots. I did end up declining the spot in favor of another school (conveniently after I had already sent my 2kish confirmation deposit in ).
  6. I thought I would chime in here since I'm a first year OOP student at U of M. Just a note that this is the U of M forum page, not the U of S page (these document links are all from U of S). The interview and class stats from the past cycle are not out, but us OOP students range from 523-524. I remember someone posted this past cycle that they did not get an interview with 521 and 4.5, so 521 may have been too low unless you had a rural, etc. coefficient. I would like to point out that there is no CARS cutoff at all for U of M and only your overall MCAT score matters. Also, with the introduction of the CASPer (being 30% pre-interview I think?), there could be a lot of people with sub-522 MCATs and great CASPers getting interviews and people with 522+ MCATs and poor CASPers not getting interviews. I would definitely recommend that you apply, and good luck! If you're from Ontario, that 3.98 will very likely translate to a 4.5 once your worst ~10 courses are removed (depending on how many credits you have, see applicant information bulletin for more details). If you're from Alberta (or somewhere else that treats A and A+ both as 4.0), you'll probably be between 4.0 and 4.5 depending on how many A+s vs As you have. For the Manitoba grading scale, A- and A are equivalent (so are the normal letter grades and minuses) to 4, and A+ is equivalent to 4.5. + is basically 0.5 higher than the normal letter grade, and normal letter grades and minuses are on the dot. Hopefully this helps!
  7. Hi @Llamastan! I was in a similar position to you this past cycle. I got into U of M and U of S this year as an OOP (rejected IP by Alberta post-interview this year and last year) with 523/4.5, so I think you would have a great shot at both schools. I will be attending U of M in the fall. You will definitely get an interview at U of S and you're still in a good spot for U of M as long as you have a good CASPer (honestly disappointed that they introduced this). U of M probably has a higher post-interview acceptance rate as they interview less people (~20) and failing is rare, whereas Sask interviews 36 people but 30-40% outright fail the interview and are not waitlisted or accepted.
  8. Hi OP, I thought I would just chime in here since I was in a similar situation this past cycle! First of all, I don't think your ECs are really that bad. If there's anything lacking, it's that most of your volunteer experiences have been short-term. I had a 4.0 and 523 for U of A last year (IP) and was still rejected post-interview. I'm almost sure it was solely because of my extracurricular score of 4/17. I passed the interview, and I actually thought it was my best interview of the 3 I got. My interviews in Sask and Manitoba (OOP for both) led to waitlist acceptances, so I doubt the interview significantly dragged me down for U of A. So to answer your question, no, GPA and MCAT can't compensate for weak ECs at Alberta schools. I would highly recommend that you apply to Sask and Western. You would have at least gotten an interview at Sask this year with your stats, and I think you'd still have a good shot at Western (even with ECs being introduced) with your MCAT score for the next cycle. Manitoba would be worth applying to as well, but someone with a 4.5 and 521 (according to premed) did not get an interview this year. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  9. I also did Alberta physics and finished with a similar mark! I did two 100 level physics classes at the U of A that were not calculus-based. Anything you take that is calculus-based will be far beyond the scope of the MCAT. In hindsight, grinding through 2 physics courses to help me answer a couple of questions (at most) on the MCAT wasn't really worth it. Good MCAT books/MCAT prep course/practice will be more than sufficient for any MCAT physics questions. I know of a number of people that did well on the C/P section without having any university physics.
  10. Thank you so much for your response :). I was accepted off the Manitoba waitlist on Monday (I have until next Tuesday to respond) and I'm holding a Saskatoon spot right now.
  11. Hey everyone, I am an OOP applicant and I received a Regina offer off the waitlist on Monday June 11th at 11:14 AM MST. Today I was offered a Saskatoon spot, which is my preferred site. I have accepted this position as I have had no other offers but I may decline Saskatchewan if I get an offer off the Manitoba waitlist. Assuming I do not get a Manitoba spot, there could still potentially be two Regina spots left for OOP (assuming that most OOPs chose Saskatoon over Regina). I'm not sure where they are in the OOP waitlist, but if you are on the waitlist, there is still hope! I am also thinking that they are probably in the middle or maybe even close to the bottom of the OOP waitlist since it has been a month since initial offers and there were probably ~20 on the OOP waitlist. This means that there is a chance that some remaining OOP spots will turn into IP spots. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!
  12. Hey everyone, I am OOP from Alberta and have just been accepted off the Saskatchewan (Saskatoon campus) waitlist and am currently on the waitlist for Manitoba. If I do happen to get off the waitlist for Manitoba, I would have to make a fairly quick decision on which school to accept. I know there was a thread about this from 2015 and I have read it, but I'm interested in current opinions as programs can change quite a bit in 3 years. I just wanted to see if any current or former students could tell me a bit about their experiences at these schools (specifically at the Saskatoon campus for Saskatchewan). I'm also interested in what anyone has to say about living in Saskatoon vs living in Winnipeg. I do not know what field of medicine I want to go into right now and I would want to pick the best school for keeping all of my options open, as well as for potentially returning to Alberta for residency. I have considered that Manitoba has substantially cheaper tuition and that Saskatoon is closer to home for me. Thanks in advance! Update: I was given a Saskatoon spot (preferred) instead of Regina, presumably due to a decline.
  13. Will you be accepting your offer? Just asking for us waitlisters
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