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  1. what is the weighted GPA requirements for the English stream for Ottawa? I heard it was very competitive
  2. I just realized (After submitting), that I put in the wrong date/duration for one my top 10s. has anyone had a similar experience before? What was the resolution? I emailed admissions to notify them that I was not trying to mislead, but rather it was a wrong input.... thanks so much for any input
  3. Hi there, I was previously heavily involved in environmental science research and I am having a hard time describing why I pursued such opportunities now that I am applying into medicine. Any ideas of how best to orient this towards my top 10 experiences for my U of c Medical school application? thank you.
  4. I think that the cutoff for everyone is 3.5? Or is there a separate cut-off for the english stream?
  5. Hi! is there any information regarding the average wGPA acceptances? (ie., if there is a trend for higher wGPA every year?) As well, in general, is UOttawa biased towards their own province? I have a wGPA of 3.86, which is low and I am not sure if I should get my hopes up
  6. I am interested in doing a research based masters, something in life/health sciences but I am general bio major in my 5th year without an honours. is it still possible to find a masters willing to accept me? Also, do all the masters programs have guaranteed funding?
  7. I am currently in my fifth year (completing a minor I recently added), mainly to increase my GPA.. I was wondering if the DO schools basically just look at your cGPA vs sGPA? do they bother dropping lowest year, etc ?? my GPA isn't very good, around 3.67 or so cumulatively. My first MCAT score was 502 (I am planning on retaking), and I have research experience working for an ecology lab. I also have brief research experience in a molecular biology lab. Extracurricular wise, I have been volunteering at the hospital for 3 years, Vice president for a club, volunteered previously at other various roles, and have participated in an exchange through my country. I am a Canadian citizen, but an immigrant from early childhood. I am super interested in applying to these DO schools but I feel very unqualified compared to other applicants and to be honest, feeling very down about what to do after my biological sciences degree. thanks in advance
  8. I am doing a fifth year, mainly to raise my GPA. However, I added a minor to my BSc degree so that I have an "excuse" to take a fifth year LOL all in all, my cGPA isnt that great, probably 3.6 ish at most by the end of my fifth year.. but I figure, it's still better than nothing at all.. i am not sure, can any one offer some insight?
  9. So my cGPA for all 4 years will probably be 3.5-3.6. I am potentially going to take an 5th year, so that should make it go up a little bit as well (very little). I have decent ECs but at this point, I feel like GPA is very heavily looked at. For whatever reason, if I do score an interview, is GPA still looked at? I just dont know how I can improve this GPA, which is the only thing that is dragging my application down.
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