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  1. buttercream

    Chances ?

    I can’t say for Queens as they’re such a black box for everything and I haven’t personally looked too much at their stats. But looking at the interview invite thread might give you some ideas. It is a bit on the lower end for Mac, but pre-interview your score is based 1/3 GPA, 1/3 CASPer, and 1/3 CARS. So a lower CARS can be overcome through a higher GPA (which you have) and/or a high CASPer score. There are people each year that get in with CARS scores of 124-127. Post-interview at Mac you’re weighted 70% interview, 15% GPA and 15% CARS. So there’s always some wiggle room in each section. As your MCAT is so soon and you’ve dedicated time to studying for it, I would still go for it. Whether your score changes by a lot or not, there’s still a chance for you! Good luck!
  2. buttercream

    Chances ?

    I would suggest applying to all Ontario schools as well (except NOSM unless you are from a rural area or northern Ontario). Your 127 in CARS can be made up by a good CASPer exam for Mac and your GPA is great for all schools. If you do well enough on CASPer to receive an interview at Ottawa/Mac, your ECs sound like a good background for answering a lot of interview questions. There's definitely a chance for you. Why is it that you're planning on re-writing the MCAT? I'm assuming it's due to your CARS score, but your score works for Toronto, the CARS could work for Mac, and Ottawa doesn't require any of it. With the changes for Western this upcoming year too, it's hard to know if/by how much the CARS cutoff may change. Even if your CARS score doesn't change much after a re-write (but fingers crossed of course!) I would still say you should apply this year.
  3. I have a cGPA of I think 3.78 and CARS of 126 and got in this past year. It’s very possible for you to have a chance. It just takes a bit higher CASPER score for the invite, and then after that it’s essentially the interview that will determine your fate (70% interview, 15% CARS, 15% GPA). Considering your CARS score is good, if you practice and do well on the interview/CASPER you have a shot.
  4. buttercream

    What is everybody using at med school?

    What size would you all recommend for the iPad? 32GB vs. 64GB vs. 256GB, etc thanks
  5. buttercream

    Most important physics topics - planning to skim review

    I would be careful going in with the idea that physics is largely underrepresented on the exam. I wrote last summer and mine was very physics & orgo heavy. You never know what you’re going to get on the MCAT. That being said, there are some topics that very likely won’t show up on your exam like quantum and such.
  6. buttercream

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    There wasn't a date to respond by, but I think they are just seeing if you are interested in the full offer as you may have already accepted some place else as their systems may be behind. So if you reply back saying you're interested, it just means that you are open to viewing the offer (not fully accepting the offer already). I assume the deadline to respond to the offer will be in the documents sent out.
  7. Result: Accepted from waitlist May 28th 3:20 pm cGPA: 3.78 CARS: 126 CASPer: I didn't really know how it was going to go, but I felt pretty decent about it. Interview: There was some I felt great about, 1 I had no idea, and one I thought went poorly. Year: 5th Geography: IP I am SO happy! I definitely thought it wasn't going to happen due to my lower stats, but here I am! I hope this gives some hope to others in a similar situation.
  8. buttercream

    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    I tried this approach but my mom and S/O ended up telling basically everyone I know... now I am dreading the "so did you get in??" conversations with everyone come May if things don't turn out well.
  9. buttercream

    Interview experience?

    I TOTALLY agree with this. Even my Mac MMI interview felt like it went better than this weird panel-MMI type interview.
  10. buttercream

    Interview experience?

    I had the exact same feelings. It was an extremely weird structure and I also felt I didn't get to talk about myself very much other than the very minimal personal questions they asked. I'm sure this threw many of us off our game so there's many who feel the same as you. Hopefully it works out positively for all of us feeling this way!
  11. buttercream

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Totally agree with this. It seemed at the end that they rushed me through most questions and cut me off after what felt like roughly 2 mins of answering. They might have let me talk too long or kept up some of the questions for too long when challenging me earlier on in the interview and then realized we were cutting it short on time. However, I was asked around 10 questions + follow up questions.
  12. buttercream

    Physics and math on the MCAT?

    I wrote my MCAT this past summer and it was VERY physics-heavy so you will definitely want to spend time on it.
  13. buttercream

    'Special Student' status in fifth year?

    If you're at Western, I would be careful about that. You might get the same enrolment date, but you can't get into courses unless they say "open to all students". Example: say you're in Kinesiology and the course says "open to Kin students"... you have to wait until it's open registration date (August). But you could enrol in something like psych 1000 because anyone can enrol in it.
  14. What reasons have lead you to be uninterested in pursuing it now?
  15. buttercream

    'Special Student' status in fifth year?

    Sorry, I misread the original post. I mean: no, I just didn't graduate and continued as a fifth year student. By not graduating, you get the same enrolment date as the fourth years and just follow the 3/5 rule. (For western anyways)