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  1. For your question number 3: in your fourth (and fifth) year courses you need 6/10 questions as 3rd year or 4th year courses. The rest can be any level.
  2. For the level of education I would (and did) put 1st-4th year instead of just 1st year. If you just put down 1st year it looks like it was only for that year.
  3. Start doing little bits at a time and eventually it will add up. I started mine in mid-late August I believe, but I did small chunks at a time instead of sitting down day after day working on it. If you open the application now, you can get things done like grade inputs, pre-requisite information, etc., and then slowly work on the more time consuming parts. Start brainstorming answers to any of the essay questions. Things like the ABS you can begin by just writing in your items for, and then work on the descriptions later. Eventually you'll end up getting it done and can spend time editing and refining your sketch/essay Qs. You can do any of these things even just during MCAT study breaks. It adds up. (This is for the Ontario schools - not sure any of the deadlines for the other provinces) I'd also suggest asking that third reference sooner rather than later to 1) make sure they can do it and 2) give them ample time to get it completed. Casper you can't complete until you submit your application anyways. There's lots of time in October for that.
  4. You’re looking at the wrong stats. Their updated stats are Ottawa GPA 3.94
  5. Yes that is a huge improvement, especially in terms of Ottawa/Toronto GPA (congrats!). Obviously no interview is guaranteed, but I do think it greatly improves your chances. I would really make sure to emphasize the CANMEDs in your sketch (maybe get someone to look them over for you too?) and maybe read some of Doing Right + do a lot of searching on the forums for CASPer. If you do well on CASPer I think you have a good chance of interviews at Mac & Ottawa. I had worse cGPA and CARS score than you, so it’s definitely possible! I know receiving no interviews last round isnt the ideal situation but you’ve been able to improve so much! Keep fighting for it :).
  6. I would definitely apply to at least Ottawa, Mac, Toronto and Queens if I were in your shoes. I believe you’d have a chance at any of those. Westerns kind of hard to tell with the new ABS requirements, but not sure if CARS would drop that much (unless you’re SWOMEN, then I would definitely apply). Just make sure you read up lots on CASPer and get some practice if that’s how you’d like to prep for it. I’m not sure what your stats were before, but if anything your CASPer score might have been what was holding you back from interviews at Ottawa and Mac. Edit: I can only speak for Ontario med schools as that’s all I ever looked in to
  7. You can’t sign up for Casper until you’ve submitted your OMSAS application. I believe the last day you can write it is the middle-end of October, so you could hypothetically wait til the end of the application deadline for OMSAS and then sign up for Casper and it will be done on time.
  8. I can’t say for Queens as they’re such a black box for everything and I haven’t personally looked too much at their stats. But looking at the interview invite thread might give you some ideas. It is a bit on the lower end for Mac, but pre-interview your score is based 1/3 GPA, 1/3 CASPer, and 1/3 CARS. So a lower CARS can be overcome through a higher GPA (which you have) and/or a high CASPer score. There are people each year that get in with CARS scores of 124-127. Post-interview at Mac you’re weighted 70% interview, 15% GPA and 15% CARS. So there’s always some wiggle room in each section. As your MCAT is so soon and you’ve dedicated time to studying for it, I would still go for it. Whether your score changes by a lot or not, there’s still a chance for you! Good luck!
  9. I would suggest applying to all Ontario schools as well (except NOSM unless you are from a rural area or northern Ontario). Your 127 in CARS can be made up by a good CASPer exam for Mac and your GPA is great for all schools. If you do well enough on CASPer to receive an interview at Ottawa/Mac, your ECs sound like a good background for answering a lot of interview questions. There's definitely a chance for you. Why is it that you're planning on re-writing the MCAT? I'm assuming it's due to your CARS score, but your score works for Toronto, the CARS could work for Mac, and Ottawa doesn't require any of it. With the changes for Western this upcoming year too, it's hard to know if/by how much the CARS cutoff may change. Even if your CARS score doesn't change much after a re-write (but fingers crossed of course!) I would still say you should apply this year.
  10. I have a cGPA of I think 3.78 and CARS of 126 and got in this past year. It’s very possible for you to have a chance. It just takes a bit higher CASPER score for the invite, and then after that it’s essentially the interview that will determine your fate (70% interview, 15% CARS, 15% GPA). Considering your CARS score is good, if you practice and do well on the interview/CASPER you have a shot.
  11. What size would you all recommend for the iPad? 32GB vs. 64GB vs. 256GB, etc thanks
  12. I would be careful going in with the idea that physics is largely underrepresented on the exam. I wrote last summer and mine was very physics & orgo heavy. You never know what you’re going to get on the MCAT. That being said, there are some topics that very likely won’t show up on your exam like quantum and such.
  13. There wasn't a date to respond by, but I think they are just seeing if you are interested in the full offer as you may have already accepted some place else as their systems may be behind. So if you reply back saying you're interested, it just means that you are open to viewing the offer (not fully accepting the offer already). I assume the deadline to respond to the offer will be in the documents sent out.
  14. Result: Accepted from waitlist May 28th 3:20 pm cGPA: 3.78 CARS: 126 CASPer: I didn't really know how it was going to go, but I felt pretty decent about it. Interview: There was some I felt great about, 1 I had no idea, and one I thought went poorly. Year: 5th Geography: IP I am SO happy! I definitely thought it wasn't going to happen due to my lower stats, but here I am! I hope this gives some hope to others in a similar situation.
  15. I tried this approach but my mom and S/O ended up telling basically everyone I know... now I am dreading the "so did you get in??" conversations with everyone come May if things don't turn out well.
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