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  1. Generally, high Casper > high CARS > high GPA (because of the skew) So you are better off with a low GPA than low CARS or CASPer. I think if you ace Casper you have a pretty good shot
  2. LloydRedStan

    Trouble with uploading

    I think it depends on where you downloaded the document from. One of the links on OMSAS has a huge file size to begin with. I used smallpdf to compress mine, it didn't effect my entries!
  3. LloydRedStan

    ABS format

    They're going to download these documents as a PDF obviously.. even if you opened a PDF on your phone you would be able to scroll up and down. Don't worry lol
  4. Might wanna check with your reference.
  5. LloydRedStan

    Does UOttawa care about your LOR's?

    Nope. They are looked at on a pass/fail basis. Pre interview
  6. LloydRedStan

    Ottawa prerequ

    If you have less than 4 courses a semester they won't contact you because you won't be eligible regardless. But otherwise yes they will still contact you to ask if you intend to continue the full time studies. If you say no they toss your application bc it means you won't have 3 full time years
  7. LloydRedStan

    pre vs post interview?

    They go to 3 decimal places. If that's still identical they prefer the bilingual. If that's the same idk
  8. LloydRedStan

    Ottawa prerequ

    You're gonna be rejected if you only have 2 currently and not enrolled in full time studies. They will actually email you asking you to confirm whether you will be in enrolled in full time studies the next semester too.
  9. Nobody knows how Casper is scored or even what a competitive Casper score is. You've got an uphill battle with that GPA though.
  10. LloydRedStan

    OMSAS MCAT score deadline

    I emailed them about this and they said they're uploading scores every Monday so check next Tuesday
  11. LloydRedStan

    Competitive GPA?

    It is to screen applicants, but it's also factored into the pre-interview score competitively
  12. LloydRedStan

    CHANCES (legitimately low cGPA + CARS)

    Somebody with similar stats received an interview last cycle, so yes.
  13. Unless it's a trial year (which doesn't appear to be the case based on their wording and goals), there's no way that cutoffs aren't changed in some way. Not sure if it's going to involve CARS specifically - maybe bio? Or a more forgiving total as opposed to specific section cut offs? Who knows, but the cut offs as is already narrow the pool to the target ~450, the essays would be moot at that point in reducing the pool.
  14. LloydRedStan

    Competitive GPA?

    I noticed that too. But I'm thinking - why would they add a statement, that wasn't even on the old website, if it wasn't true?
  15. LloydRedStan

    Competitive GPA?

    They just redid their website within the last year and a half.. the old website was outdated but this one isn't