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  1. edit: sorry, misread the question. I thought the topic was about being blacklisted, not red flags. Agreed with above
  2. I think just within Ontario. If you accept an MD/PhD offer on OMSAS, it automatically withdraws you for Ontario schools, but OOP schools may not be aware.
  3. between this post and the other one posted by the same user, this is almost certainly a troll.
  4. just do practice. especially if you have already been exposed to the material. you will see where you are weak and plan accordingly. getting a feel for how the MCAT tests is MUCH more useful than prepping for the whole summer and only doing 1-2 weeks of practice.
  5. I am not sure if it counts as an attempt, but no med schools will see this. Even if they could, they wouldn't care (in Canada). US med schools have more access to the system, but I seriously doubt they care since they even ignore voided exams.
  6. Even so, if they are discrete, they must be in increments larger than 0.5? Maybe 4, 3.8333, 3.666, 3.5 etc etc? Obviously nobody knows for sure, but a 4.0 to one set of interviewers could easily be a 3.5 to another, making it an unreliable tool.
  7. Is this actually verified? I have seen this idea placed over the forums, but there is no way they assign 575 candidate scores into 8 discrete bins. There are 3 interviewers, and each interviewer has a score sheet made up of multiple criteria with the highest value being 4. It is much more likely there is a continuous spread of interview scores that are formulated from the average score between these interviewers, rather than discrete bins. Otherwise, there is no way to reliably differentiate a 4 from a 3.5, or even a 3.
  8. Oui, si tu recois une entrevue a chacune des universités
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