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  1. LloydRedStan

    One part time semester?

    Hi all, I am graduating with my 4 year degree this year (on time), but I have one semester at part time. I have made up for this part time semester by increasing my courseload during other semesters. Will this part time semester negatively affect my application, or do they only care if you completed your degree in time without resorting to summer courses?
  2. LloydRedStan

    Taking multiple online courses?

    Does Ottawa explicitly say you can only have 1? I know they don't count it as full time, but if you have 6 half credits in a semester (course overload), why can't the extra half credit be an online course? As long as you still have 4 in class courses.
  3. LloydRedStan

    Medical condition

    The alternative would be talking about something that is not as important to you. Don't bring it up just because you want them to know, but if there's a genuine connection you want to make in the discussion, by all means you should
  4. LloydRedStan

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    I had the same issue. I contacted them and they fixed it but they said it doesn't matter because all med schools receive their own original copy of the transcript
  5. LloydRedStan

    OMSAS GPA Calculations

    Email them.
  6. LloydRedStan

    multiple mcat

    There is no chance they would do that, even if you requested. Sorry dude
  7. LloydRedStan


    It's a toss up. You for sure meet the section cut offs, but the total fluctuates around your total based on what people post here (508-509 roughly). They change every year so no way to know for sure but it's worth applying, but there is a decent chance you may get screened
  8. LloydRedStan


    Your MCAT will likely screen you.
  9. LloydRedStan

    Grammarly for casper

    They actually explicitly say to disable grammarly and other add ons that may interfere
  10. LloydRedStan

    Chances for invite

    Also, since the post-interview process still factors GPA/CARS, the GPA/CARS of the final admitted are going to be on the heavier side
  11. LloydRedStan

    Contacting verifiers

    Yes they will. Don't worry
  12. McMaster doesn't give a flip about academic gaps, although if withdrawals show up on your transcript as 0 or whatever it will count towards your OMSAS GPA
  13. There's a section on OMSAS to explain course withdrawals, gaps etc so you will definitely have a chance to explain. If they were limited to junior years the worst harm I can see is not being eligible for Toronto's wGPA (unless you have valid reasons). I'm only really familiar with Ontario schools, however.