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  1. Congratulations best of luck with the interview
  2. I think there are many interview dates, and they don't really tell you what other options there are when they send an invite. Since they run a panel, they have a bit more flexibility than MMI schools to have interviews more spread out.
  3. LloydRedStan

    retaking a 515

    if you're not applying to Mac, Western, Alberta or Calgary, your MCAT is more than adequate for every other school. i recommend against rewriting. spend your summer doing something fun or meaningful.
  4. LloydRedStan

    retaking a 515

    They only look at cut off lol, I and others will tell you that with 100% certainty. At UofT, 125 across the board = 132 across the board
  5. LloydRedStan

    Request for help

    Just gonna say.. if you have decent ECs, it is much more worthwhile to spend time working on how you present your ABS rather than adding more content to them.
  6. LloydRedStan

    Cegep student

    Any one you're interested in
  7. No, don't explicitly state you're referring to them. Integrate them into your response
  8. LloydRedStan

    Are all Bachelor of Science Degrees Equal?

    Anything accredited.. diatetics, nursing, law, etc. Thesis-based Masters might help a bit at some schools, but is not worth doing just for the sake of med school.
  9. LloydRedStan

    Are all Bachelor of Science Degrees Equal?

    BSc = BA = BComm in Canada. Not a single cares or prefers a certain degree. Exception is McGill that gives points for academic context -but all BSc will be equal in regard, only professional degrees will give you a boost. There is simply too much inconsistency between programs. Biology at Toronto is probably much harder than biomed at York. How could schools differentiate? Do what you want to do and are interested in.
  10. I wouldn't say so. There can always be cancellations.. but the chances aren't too high. Not many people will cancel their interview.
  11. Yeah and because of Queens' policy of no accomodations for interviews we may see offers as soon as the deadline to sign up for an interview (tomorrow)
  12. Yes. That's what it was like last year. No indication whatsoever of a wait list
  13. Your Cars is holding you back at all of those schools except Ottawa (need wGPA 3.85+), Nosm (need to be rural), McGill (hard if not IP) and Toronto. I would strongly consider rewriting as you are throwing most of these schools free money with that CARS
  14. Not sure. But because Queens has zero accomodations for the interview slots, it is likely they will start sending out some offers soonish.
  15. Yes there is but they don't send a different rejection email. Whether you're next on rank list or last, everyone got the same rejection email
  16. LloydRedStan

    Ottawa Interview - Open file

    What does "open file" interview mean?
  17. LloydRedStan

    5th year or summer courses to graduate

    I'm in a similar position. I would strongly suggest against taking the full courseload during the school year unnecessarily. Take the summer courses. No school cares about what your major is. Edit: did not see you are rewriting the MCAT during the summer. Yeah don't take 4 courses during the summer and study for MCAT. Write it early in summer before your courses pick up.
  18. Don't write the MCAT again. You have a great score. Practice CASPer and work on your ECs
  19. McMaster only evaluates reference letters post interview FYI.
  20. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:01am wGPA/cGPA: 4.0 Year: 4th year UG MCAT: 129/127/129/129, 514 ECs: many leadership position, couple of pubs, community involvement, lots of employments including a cool job Geography: IP
  21. good luck tomorrow everybody!
  22. Somebody said there's a wave tmw or Friday. Tomorrow's going to be intense.. queens, Western and potentially Toronto
  23. LloydRedStan

    Non-health care related jobs for EC

    I have exactly 0 health care related ECs. Still got interviews.