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  1. Just given your stats alone, it perplexes me why you think your American acceptance chances are low? Even with minimal ECs, with the right wording and "sell" you would definitely get interviews provided you applied early. They love total MCAT score, and that will help you out a lot. If going to the States is your goal, and can afford applying to most Canadian friendly ones, I would think you have a great shot. To answer your actual question - I am not too familiar with EDP, and can't seem to understand based on your explanation of it why you would choose that over "taking your chances" which I think are high. You've done almost all the hard work, now just take your apps seriously and see where you end up!
  2. Maybe just no one has posted, or I haven't looked hard enough, but is there an interview waitlist for Queen's? It seems in the past this was the case, but was wondering if people were told explicitly that they were on a waitlist? Thanks!
  3. dehindu

    Not sure what to do.

    Perhaps reach out to them and ask if you can apply without having taken organic chemistry, but that you would complete it prior to matriculation if you were accepted? Include how it was difficult to fit that pre-requisite in given your professional nursing program. You never know, they might be willing to make exceptions with the right wording
  4. dehindu

    Not sure what to do.

    Would Ottawa's wGPA system also work in your favour? I think they only look at your most recent 3 years, and your upward trend would set you up very nicely. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. The only issue I have with this argument is that the dean that decided to perform this overnight shift is gone and a new guy started a few weeks ago and has to deal with the repercussions on an acting basis. Why not wait for the official dean appointment and see his/her vision for the school going forward? A delayed integration with tweaks/approval from the new dean just makes overall more sense. See how changing your curriculum changes the quality of your students, or change the students you bring in. To do both, in the same year, with new leadership turnover, it overall just gives a bad look and hurts this incoming class quite a bit. If this was the case, then it is easier to understand their decision. But like I've repeated above, it seemed quite clear that your score was an average between 2 evaluators. Which seems more believable because it is hard to believe they had the manpower to split it up in an ideal fashion.
  6. This is what I gathered from walking into the admissions office today and asking for how they picked their candidates. After hearing it at first, I made sure to repeat back what was said to me to make sure what I was hearing was in fact correct. It sounded like there were only "2 blinded reviewers" that generated some sort of score. How they had the infrastructure and the training in place to make these evaluations in the course of 1 application cycle is truly surprising and baffling. The lack of transparency or warning during the whole process really makes this that much harder to understand.
  7. After gaining some clarification today - allegedly all individuals who are 3.7 + and 128+ have 100% of their interview rank determined by two blinded aABS reviewers who give a "score" and this is how they determine who gets an interview (plus whatever role reference letters may play, likely just a red flag check). 132 vs 128 is essentially the same... 4.0 vs 3.7 is essentially the same... Not sure how people feel about this, I personally don't like how 2 people determine your entire fate.
  8. What frustrates me most about this process is the total 180 in evaluation criteria... It seems to me after meeting certain cutoffs, 100% of your ranking was established based off a subjective assessment of 8 activities you participated in. Why not stratify by weighing all grades, MCAT, and then essays? Also such a short turnaround time, in this transition year people like myself in their second application cycle pushed through another MCAT summer to meet that elusive 129 CARS cutoff. This was so draining on my mental and physical health, but in the end I had this amazing sense of accomplishment and excitement because Western has been my home for 4 years, and now I am not allowed to even interview because someone decided that they were going to change their entire process now? I am excited and happy for everyone, including my own friends, who are getting the chance to interview - I just wish I knew what I possibly did wrong, along with why they felt the need to change things so soon.
  9. Time Stamp: 12:02 pm (EST)Result: InviteGPA: 3.94MCAT: 524 (130 CARS)Current Degree: 4th yr UGGeography (IP/OOP): OOP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Not too many awards, but decent spread of volunteering and research both clinical and basic science. Intramurals, club president, pretty diverse. Probably on the stronger side, but no publications, or anything super unique. CASPer: Probably mediocore at best because good enough for Mac, but not Ottawa. Am a fast typer, and generally finished all the questions. Excited to come to Edmonton, maybe even catch an Oiler's game! (Edit - they are out of town that weekend )
  10. TIME STAMP: 9:40 am (Checked Minerva) Result: Refused cGPA: 3.99 I think (Different from OMSAS scale) Feeling about Casper: Good enough for interview at Mac with 130 CARS, R from Ottawa, so probably mediocre at best ECs: Cardiology clinic volunteer 3+ years, multiple research positions, 1 abstract + poster, no pubs. President of a club, intramurals, overall quite diverse Year: 4th year IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: Not too sure what this is? Comments (Optional): I know it is difficult to get an interview OOP, I still wanted to give it a go. I wish I spent more time writing my CV, and actually called my school to get my AP scores (scored high on the AP French exam, maybe they need some more proof of proficiency). Best of luck to everyone interviewing!
  11. https://bemoacademicconsulting.com/canadian-friendly-usa-med-schools this link plus individual school MSAR confirmation is a good way to get a list of schools where we are OOS, not Int.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that Do you have a timestamp?
  13. A couple notes about ECs: - Anything highschool is not going to be on your application (I know it sucks, but they have a college cutoff) - If you can use this time now to secure a shadowing position (even very minimal, but start getting hours now) I think they really see this as a sort of check mark, but that is just speculation. - The Research may hurt, but you are in a different stream of applicant, so it is understandable. Once you submit your application, you can send periodic application updates as they spring up (e.g. progress in your research, etc). I think you can write about what you WILL do over the course of the summer so it shouldn't be too bad. Reference letters are very important and weighed heavily I believe, so make sure you have them (a lot require from professors who have taught you, some mandating they be "non-science" letters of reference).
  14. I don't think they are being inconsiderate - I think the reality is that with a "low" CARS score, but good overall MCAT and GPA the US is a fantastic option - especially at the top level. A few first steps - decide the schools you are interested in: https://bemoacademicconsulting.com/canadian-friendly-usa-med-schools - this lists most schools that consider Canadians as OOS applicants. Also invest in a MSAR subscription to see advanced statistics for exact distribution of MCAT scores, as well as interview success rate. I recommend putting all the information in your personalized excel sheet to save for later. A good tool for MSAR is to look at their "state" distribution of matriculants and see if they had ANY Canadians (It will list below the map which country students come from). Next, and I cannot stress this enough, get your personal statement and letters of references complete ASAP. I would ask pretty much everyone you know that can write you a strong reference to do so. You can submit up to 10 in a centralized server, and then assign them to schools of your choosing. Also, getting the personal statement (and 15 activity descriptions) finished in early May will go a long way. Another strategy is to use https://forums.studentdoctor.net/forums/2018-2019-allopathic-school-specific-discussions.1121/ to look at each of your desired school's secondary essays and also have them complete some time in mid June. Once AMCAS opens - you should copy and paste all your information, and send it ASAP. Then, as each secondary comes back to you, you can also complete that right away as the questions are unlikely to change from year to year. If you are complete all your secondaries by mid-late July, I can almost guarantee you will be getting 4-7 interviews, a few of which might be at the tier 1 schools. Note - some schools may require CASPer so you should try to write that early as well In short: - Apply as early as possible, to as many places that will accept you (and you can afford) and through sheer numbers you will gain an acceptance next year - Note - you can finish all your Canadian Applications after US because ideally you will be done most of US essays before OMSAS even opens. Consider UBC if you can, as well as McGill to maximize chances. If anyone has any questions - please post them here because others may have the same. Best of luck, Congrats on the great MCAT score, and GPA!
  15. Ottawa last year was a nightmare - trickling in for hours, definitely fueled by forums. Let's all just chill, and only post what we know. ( I hope we all stick to this lol)