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  1. Was initially accepted off waitlist, but declined this offer today - hope it goes to someone! (OOP)
  2. Status: OOP acceptance initially, then declined Timestamp: May 9 GPA: 3.9 something cumulative?? MCAT: 524 Interview: First one but I thought it went really well, enjoyed the city and people but want to stay closer to home posting for any OOP waiting for waitlist movement
  3. I am in a similar situation making this decision, except McMaster is IP for me (my parents actually live basically next to the campus). Apart from the 3 vs. 4 argument, what are some other factors that set these schools apart?
  4. Result: Waitlisted initially, accepted May 22 1:28 p.m. Geography: OOP GPA: 4.0 - I think there is a different conversion here MCAT: 524 Degree: BMSc Phys/Pharm EC: Fairly diverse, sports, research, clinical volunteering, and a couple unique Interview: Panel was actually pretty rough, not what I expected. Some MMIs were right up my alley, a couple were iffy. Congrats to those accepted, I am now in the situation where I have to make a decision between this and staying in Ontario. Incredibly grateful for this situation, absolutely loved UofA!
  5. Result: Accepted - Hamilton Campus Timestamp: May 14 7:45 AM cGPA: 3.94 CARS: 130 Interview: Felt that a few stations were iffy, especially the acting. There were a couple that went really well, articulated some unique ideas really well, got the interviewers engaged. Year: 4th year UG Geography: IP This is a dream come true, being from Hamilton, driving passed Mac everyday on my way to high school, always hoping this day would come. I am almost certainly going here, congrats to everyone who received offers and waitlists - I am excited to meet you all! I have no qualifications to encourage those who did not receive an offer, all I can say is that this process is extremely grueling and confusing at times, I have heard countless times that persitence is key, and I hope you don't give up!
  6. I really hope this is true, so unbelievably excited but waiting on email confirmation. Does everyone with Mac see "MDR"?
  7. Anyone know what time schools typically send e-mails? Also does OMSAS update on the same day/same time?
  8. for the record - MCAT and GPA were cutoffs only pre-interview. I doubt they will be weighed competitively post-interview, but that's speculation.
  9. Does anyone know how these criteria (GPA, activity score, MCAT) weigh competitively after interviews? I.e. what is their final ranking formula?
  10. Who else is still in limbo? You think we will have another wave before the end of the week? Realistic chances of any spots remaining?
  11. I would imagine all schools - Ontario or otherwise
  12. Not sure if Mac will move people still, but MD/PhD people need to respond by the end of this week, at which point they will be removed from all upcoming interviews. I know this may only affect like 5-10 spots max, but that is on the horizon? No news is still good news I think?
  13. Do you think this is pertinent to panel only, or maybe MMI as well? Would be surprised with an open file MMI....
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