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  1. for the record - MCAT and GPA were cutoffs only pre-interview. I doubt they will be weighed competitively post-interview, but that's speculation.
  2. dehindu

    Feedback letter

    Does anyone know how these criteria (GPA, activity score, MCAT) weigh competitively after interviews? I.e. what is their final ranking formula?
  3. Who else is still in limbo? You think we will have another wave before the end of the week? Realistic chances of any spots remaining?
  4. I would imagine all schools - Ontario or otherwise
  5. Not sure if Mac will move people still, but MD/PhD people need to respond by the end of this week, at which point they will be removed from all upcoming interviews. I know this may only affect like 5-10 spots max, but that is on the horizon? No news is still good news I think?
  6. dehindu

    Interview weight?

    Do you think this is pertinent to panel only, or maybe MMI as well? Would be surprised with an open file MMI....
  7. dehindu

    Interview weight?

    To sort of break this down further, anyone who has gone through the Panel can they shed some light on the style of conversation. Obviously MMI is situational each station tests different things. Is panel more focused on getting to know you and your path to medicine so far? Was it open file? Also, do you think your panel and MMI score is weighed evenly? Thanks in advance!
  8. dehindu

    Admission annoucements

    Anyone know when OOP applicants have historically heard back? The admissions timeline says April/May 2019 but that's a big timeline lol
  9. dehindu

    BHSc vs BMSc

    GPA is king so that should really be how you decide your undergrad school, wherever you see yourself getting the best marks (places like Toronto make it very hard to get exceptionally high grades you need these days, or so I've heard). Another plus for Western is if you are applying to/considering medical school in the US, they are very generous in their GPA conversion (e.g. 80+ is a 4.0, then drops to 3.9 in the 70s) which can give you a real boost. BHSc is a very different program, and I can't comment much on it, but happy to talk about BMSc if you want to consider that. Can always do BSc first two years and then transfer to BMSc it 3rd year (it officially starts in 3rd year anyway, so at no disadvantage if you start in "BSc")
  10. What I found was helpful was getting a letter from basically anyone who I felt could give me a good one, and then based on individual school's requirements I sent my strongest combination. For example, one of my best was a personal letter but schools that say professors only didn't receive it. Other schools that let you send more than required they all got that personal one. You can request letters and not send them to every school (or any school) but have them ready so you're not requesting into the cycle.
  11. With the right personal statement/story and finishing your US apps on time, you will definitely get some interviews. The top schools are always a reach, just be ready for LOTS of reference letter requests. Faculty, PIs, non-science faculty, personal, physicians. Having a good school list is key - so invest in MSAR to only apply to schools that took Canadians. I think you can give US a real shot, and even get some decent aid/scholarships along the way. The lack of research/shadowing may hurt so focus on that during your gap year for sure!
  12. Just given your stats alone, it perplexes me why you think your American acceptance chances are low? Even with minimal ECs, with the right wording and "sell" you would definitely get interviews provided you applied early. They love total MCAT score, and that will help you out a lot. If going to the States is your goal, and can afford applying to most Canadian friendly ones, I would think you have a great shot. To answer your actual question - I am not too familiar with EDP, and can't seem to understand based on your explanation of it why you would choose that over "taking your chances" which I think are high. You've done almost all the hard work, now just take your apps seriously and see where you end up!
  13. Maybe just no one has posted, or I haven't looked hard enough, but is there an interview waitlist for Queen's? It seems in the past this was the case, but was wondering if people were told explicitly that they were on a waitlist? Thanks!
  14. dehindu

    Not sure what to do.

    Perhaps reach out to them and ask if you can apply without having taken organic chemistry, but that you would complete it prior to matriculation if you were accepted? Include how it was difficult to fit that pre-requisite in given your professional nursing program. You never know, they might be willing to make exceptions with the right wording
  15. dehindu

    Not sure what to do.

    Would Ottawa's wGPA system also work in your favour? I think they only look at your most recent 3 years, and your upward trend would set you up very nicely. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.