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    Pretty sure you would not be able to do the substitution as CHEM 120 is a gen chem course. I think you should review the website to see which courses are equivalent and email Med admissions during the timeframe that they answer questions pertaining to course substitutions. All the best! Hope it works out for you.
  2. Readyforthis2018

    Casper October 23rd

    According to another thread, the results for Oct 14 Casper were delivered around Nov 4. I would anticipate yours should be delivered within the coming days. Casper said it would take about 4 weeks for delivery, so I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. All the best!
  3. Readyforthis2018


    Hi everyone, Now that everyone is done submitting all the supplementary documentation, I just wanted to get some info re: verifiers. Can previous applicants shed light on when their verifiers were contacted? Not looking for exact dates or anything, but just a rough timeline - was it before interviews were offered (i.e. between Nov and end Jan); between interview offer and interview itself (between end Jan and end Feb); or after interviews (after end Feb)? Thanks so much! All the best to all the applicants
  4. Readyforthis2018

    Applying tonight

    Thanks! You're right, I was happy to get confirmation about that :) I was referring to the supplementary documents being submitted on Minerva. I think it was unclear for some people whether it will be accepted until 9 pm only. I'm pretty sure it would have been okay until 11:59 pm. Perhaps someone who has experience or knowledge can clarify for future applicants...
  5. Readyforthis2018

    Applying tonight

    I am not 100% sure but I THINK that if you apply tonight, you will receive your credentials by around 9ish tomorrow night. This would give you a little less than 3 hours to submit your documentation. I have noticed that it takes a few minutes for documents to get fully uploaded onto the website (even when I submitted them after 9 pm, the checklist uploaded the same night, within a few minutes). If I were you, I would go ahead and apply RIGHT NOW. When I get my credentials tomorrow night, I would fill in the "ID Number" blanks on all the documents and submit them ASAP (including emailing the excel workbook). Take note that you need the ID number for proof of residency docs as well. All the best! Nope, not in 1.5 hours. You have all of tomorrow. I am pretty sure that you can submit the documentation BEFORE midnight (i.e. 11:59 pm Nov 1) but there has been some discussion about whether Minerva docs have to be submitted prior to 9 pm. I personally think they will be accepted up until 11:59 pm. I submitted mine after 9 pm and my minerva checklist updated within minutes. All the best!
  6. Readyforthis2018

    McGill CV

    I used the template as is. Only removed the samples and added my own entries. Did not change the margins whatsoever. Would recommend you to not do it either - I think they will be strict with that. Instead, try to get to the point in your entries. You can squeeze in more than you think if you are succinct and to the point. Good luck! :)
  7. Readyforthis2018

    McGill CV

    I would put them under different entries. I have several similar volunteering experiences, but I have put them all under separate entries. Note that I have had to remove a bunch of things though (which was tough because I did find them valuable and very much wanted to keep them on my CV)! I received an interview last year, so will not be changing things up too much. My two cents Do what you're most comfortable with!
  8. Readyforthis2018

    What time do we need to submit by on Nov 1st

    If you don't have a McGill ID at all, you should probably get started right away so that you can submit the docs. If you already have it, I would err on the side of caution and be sure to submit everything prior to 9 pm. Thanks for the detailed info!
  9. Readyforthis2018


    Newest at the top. I followed the examples
  10. Readyforthis2018

    Science prerequisites McGill Option 2

    My pleasure. Good luck! Good to know about PHGY 209 - I don't think it was specified - thanks for clarifying
  11. From a privacy/security perspective, I am pretty sure they cannot see or control what is going on in your screen/computer. I think they would need permission for remote access to the screen in order to be able to view it. There are tons of private documents on computers and I would be very surprised if they were able to access the computer. That being said, pretty sure websites can track your key strokes though.
  12. Readyforthis2018

    Science prerequisites McGill Option 2

    Pretty sure you could use either 209 or 210 for the PHGY requirement. You could email admissions to confirm. I'm not sure I understand your question though... It's okay if you took option 1 courses at CEGEP (I think MOST IP students did so); you could still enter them if you did well. Important to note is that Organic Chem needs to have been taken at the uni level in order to be counted as a 2nd option course! Here's more info about the 2nd option (taken from https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites) OPTION 2: Recommended University-level sciences IF you have previously completed all courses in OPTION 1, and wish to either improve your science GPA, or if some of your courses in OPTION 1 have expired (older than eight years), you may choose to use OPTION 2 and complete the 4 recommended university-level science courses. Note that all 4 of the recommended courses must be valid (completed within the last 8 years). The 4 recommended courses are: Mammalian physiology (3 cr.) Organic chemistry* (3 cr.) Molecular biology (3 cr.) Cell biology & metabolism (3 cr) *For applicants using CEGEP courses to fulfil OPTION 1 Basic Sciences: A university level Introductory Organic Chemistry is required for OPTION 2 Recommended Sciences. If you used a university level Introductory Organic Chemistry for OPTION 1, exceptionally, you can reuse this same course in OPTION 2. If you have completed both OPTION 1 and OPTION 2, you will be evaluated using whichever set of courses is the most favorable to you.
  13. Readyforthis2018

    Upcoming information sessions (incl. one for re-applicants)

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. Readyforthis2018

    3.7 GPA

    Yes, several people with cGPA <3.7 were interviewed. They did have upward trends and stellar ECs though. If your CASPer and ECs (CV) are strong, you'll be within the competitive range to receive an interview. GL!
  15. Readyforthis2018


    Thank you for the clarification!