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  1. If I wish to apply to Canadian med schools, can I write AAMC MCAT or is there a separate MCAT for Canadian students? I tried registering on AAMC website but all the test dates from March to July are unavailable.. :/
  2. This is very true- my own family members were victims in being pressured to undergo unnecessary procedures
  3. Hello, I'm in a situation where I have to choose between UWO and UofT dental programs. I'm heavily leaning towards UWO atm due to the newly renovated facility, smaller class size, and school atmosphere. However, I've also heard of issues with the claiming chair spots at UWO, as well aware of much more diverse and abundant specialization programs offered at UofT. Can any current dental students comment on the chair issues, as well as whether it grants any advantages to pursue one school over another for potential specialization purposes (ex. more exposure, school favouring their own students, etc)
  4. Oh man, sorry to hear that you're in such a difficult situation. I would suggest that you wait as long as you can (ex. till the deadline for deposit/tuition) and see how much UWO waitlist moves. You can either decide to pursue UofM (I'v heard of cases where someone heard back from UWO during o-week in the states and dipped back to Canada real quik), or try to defer and re-apply as coronaxtra suggested. But Idk how feasible deferral is- you probably need a legitimate excuse that is deemed reasonable from their end. If you think you'll suffer tremendously due to financial issues, you may even want to thoroughly consider if accepting the offer is worth it in the first place
  5. Hello, Acceptance to the program just came out today! Anyone happened to have applied to it? As well, if anyone has ever endured the program, please feel free to shine a light on your previous experience with it
  6. If you feel uneasy, you can try emailing/calling them. But I think you should be fine as long as you can still graduate
  7. Thought maybe I could start this post so that when people get accepted off the waitlist, they can update here for all those other still waiting relentlessly. I think it could be rather easing and quite informative to share the school you got accepted from (UofT/UWO only to make this post not so hectic), wait list#, and the day/time you heard from them. Alot of things may happen in the next 2 weeks! Good luck everyone
  8. Haha, thank you, and grats to you as well! I've told my mother that the results would come out in June~ July (I was assuming I'd get waitlisted if lucky). It'll be a surprise for her on the Mother's Day
  9. If you don't mind me asking, how many hours do you work per week?
  10. Some people have speculated that it may have been around 20 last year. That was supposed to be conservative but didn't fully clear last year, so it's possible that they adjusted and made it <20 if they wanted to make it conservative as well this year. Just my 2 cents tho, supported by 0 reliable resources
  11. I'm planning on taking my mother out on mother's day and surprise her with the acceptance letter
  12. Guess I should start this as the results are now out! Accepted/rejected/waitlisted GPA: DAT (AA/RC/PAT): Interview performance (personal opinion): ABS: IP/OOP: Year:
  13. any brave soul willing to call and inquire the approx date they'll release it by?
  14. I was just looking back at my UWO autobio sketch and realized how much of a poor job I've done in filling in basic information since I was rushed... Accidentally said "no" when asked if I'm applying to other dental schools, and when asked if I'm applying/have applied to other health care professional programs, I've only named the school and program and not the year or whether I was rejected/accepted/waitlisted. As well, I didn't include the dates when I listed my awards. Is this enough to be red flagged?
  15. wow, is it cuz of the MD program that the waitlist has moved this far? UofT DDS waitlist has barely moved lool
  16. My anxiety back at it again after reading these posts :'(
  17. Do you by any chance know the number of people interviewed and the approx # of waitlist movement for the English stream?
  18. Couldn't agree more, shout out to the first year students!
  19. Hey guys, I appreciate all the things that you guys talk about, but it seems that the topics have really spiraled away from what it was initially intended to be. Perhaps consider making a new post for everything related to post-acceptance!
  20. Did they ever mention whether autobio sketch is incorporated into post-interview weighing?
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