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  1. PimentRouge

    What are my chances. Non-traditional app to Dental

    Western takes top 2 years in %. UofT drops your worst year, provided it's not your final year.
  2. PimentRouge

    Speed Up Hole Punching

    Idk what video I took this screenshot from, but look at this question: https://imgur.com/CNWU1IM It's a fairly simple example, and I would agree that working backwards would be the best method for this and most other examples. But the concept is that the answer has to have symmetry along the the last 'unfold' (i.e. the diagonal line of symmetry from Fold 1). So you can eliminate A, B, C, and E without having to actually visualize unfolding 3 times. OCCASIONALLY useful in challenging questions that can easily be solved by this method.
  3. PimentRouge

    Speed Up Hole Punching

    ^ exactly that. It just takes some practice, but you will start to save a lot of time. Also, for hard-looking questions, try to rule out answers using the 'symmetry from first fold' method, where if the answer choices don't show symmetry along where the first fold is, it's wrong. Occasionally, this allows you to rule out 4 choices and solve the question in 5–10 seconds or so.
  4. I used 2280 and 2382 to satisfy UBC's cell bio biochem requirement for this year.
  5. There's no link yet. @Steins;Gate said they'll invite us "soon".
  6. Thanks! I guess we'll just have to wait.
  7. Is there a Facebook group going for the class of 2022?