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  1. Congrats on getting in!!!

    Undertaking dental school a huge task, both time-wise and financially, so it's totally normal to feel a bit apprehensive. You might hear all these stories of gloom, but that might be due partly to selection bias or maybe those people went into dentistry with a different intention. None of it might apply to you. Just remind yourself once more why you've wanted this for so long and keep shadowing (not just to see what it's like, but to get more insight). If it's for the right reasons, you'll end up loving it despite what other people might say!

  2. Idk if I'm really in a position to answer your question, but the university admin/faculty should know that severe medical conditions can definitely impede academic performance, so I would think contacting the university and explaining your situation would be a good idea.

    Also depends how much your GPA veers from the average (2.0 is obviously not the same as a 3.5), how the school weighs their GPA (i.e. your improving trend could be beneficial for schools like Western perhaps(?) or other schools that scale later years if they exist).

  3. Most people here would choose dent cause it's a forum consisting mostly of aspiring dental students/professionals.

    What does your brother love more? Sure, money is important, but he definitely won't be struggling as an optometrist. Why would you even consider doing something you're not the most passionate about when you have an option? There's more to a career than money, especially years down the road.

  4. 4 hours ago, westcoastbestcoast said:

    Awesome! Thanks for the insight. What is the "symmetry from first fold" method? I've always worked backwards from the last fold

    Idk what video I took this screenshot from, but look at this question: https://imgur.com/CNWU1IM

    It's a fairly simple example, and I would agree that working backwards would be the best method for this and most other examples.

    But the concept is that the answer has to have symmetry along the the last 'unfold' (i.e. the diagonal line of symmetry from Fold 1). So you can eliminate A, B, C, and E without having to actually visualize unfolding 3 times. OCCASIONALLY useful in challenging questions that can easily be solved by this method.

  5. 20 minutes ago, garlerey said:

    Keep practicing under timed conditions (maybe even limit yourself to 5 seconds less than the optimal time). Another thing to do is instead of drawing a grid, just draw directly on the practice question's hole punched paper diagram and visualize unfolding and refolding in your head. I found that you don't always need to draw out a grid for all questions. I think I only used the grid method for a handful of the questions on the DAT.

    ^ exactly that. It just takes some practice, but you will start to save a lot of time.

    Also, for hard-looking questions, try to rule out answers using the 'symmetry from first fold' method, where if the answer choices don't show symmetry along where the first fold is, it's wrong. Occasionally, this allows you to rule out 4 choices and solve the question in 5–10 seconds or so.

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