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  1. Is it 3.7 per OMSAS for all 4 years attended of uni? Are there any exceptions to this rule?
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    Hey all, on average, what kind of gpa usually gets in? Any cases of lower gpa getting in? Thanks!!
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    Hey all, I was wondering how much GPA is factored into the admission or even interview invite aspect? Are there are any stories out there of someone with a super low GPA (but a good explanation essay) + good MCAT + good ECs getting in? Does anyone know how much/seriously these explanation essays are considered as to why you have a lower gpa? Thanks!!
  4. Yes, I believe that with a health sci and bio background, psych will be an ok second degree to do! Best of luck again:)
  5. Hey, ya I'm wondering the same thing! Any ideas anyone?
  6. Hi again:) I think what the person might mean is (at western anyways) the accelerated nursing program which is a 2 year program! However, for this cycle the deadline has unfortunately already passed (otherwise that might have been a good option since 2 years and you'll get a back-up nursing degree). I think you mentioned doing a degree in psych I believe? I think that should honestly be fine for obtaining a decent gpa in! What is your first degree in if you don;t mind me asking?
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    Hey, I am using the old EK 101 books for CARS (2002 version) but I am finding the passages waay harder than AAMC!!! Is anyone else seeing this problem? Should I just stick with it?
  8. Hi, For those that have gotten acceptances this year (congrats btw!!). What ECs do you recommend more specifically for Schulich. Like are there any ECs such as research that anyone feels really made their interview stand out and therefore land them an acceptance? Thanks!!!
  9. Hi, no problem, I believe in you! Remember (and remind your family lol) that many people in Med School have a 2 years masters or 4 year PhD, so spending 2 years after UG is normal! And as you said, with Schulich and particularly the SWOMEN status a Masters won't help but a killer 2 year gpa will! During those 2 years, remember to enjoy life and continue with the research for sure as I feel that will really help you with your interview one day at Schulich ;) I believe that everything happens for a reason, so just be hopeful that everything will work out one day!
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    Hey, thanks so much! This is the exact "success story" that I needed right now! You have given me hope and the motivation I need to study hard for the MCAT this summer! Congrats on your acceptance:)))
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    Re-take Advice

    Hi, I am looking for some advice on a re-take (July 7th). First write, last summer scored 500 (124/123/127/126) do to weakness in some topic areas but mainly do to inadequate practice, spent far too much time on content review and not enough timed practice (especially for CARS) and finally do to personal/family issues preventing me from really committing myself to the MCAT! Since I only have 2 months til test day, my plan is as follows: week 1: review weak content areas using KA and do KA passages + 300 page KA doc review ( read through it already last summer so already pretty good with content) week 2: EK 30 min exams and TPR passages as well as ongoing content review week 3: UWorld passages and ongoing content review week 4: AAMC sample week 5: FL 1 week 6: FL 2 week 7: FL 3 week 8: week of MCAT--> review 300 page doc, Kaplan Quicksheets and other memorization material review (i.e draw out AAs and Krebs cycle) weeks 4-7: also do all other AAMC stuff again CARS: daily 3-5 passages from EK CARS 101 + KA passages Target Score: 514 (129/126/129/130) or 384 for Schulich (SWOMEN btw so only need the 125 CARS:) Overall, I feel like content is not my problem (except for physics and orgo maybe) but I need to practice concepts in unfamiliar passages! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Should I be doing more FLs from Next Step for example? Do I have time?
  12. Hi all, Honestly, this post is to get a little reassurance haha. So I just finished my 4th year UG with two best years 3.7 and 3.79, not the best gpa by any means but meets the Schulich cut-offs as trends have been for a few years. I am retaking the MCAT with hopes of finally meeting cut-offs for SWOMEN (yes I am SWOMEN). If I meet the cut-offs I am guaranteed an interview at Schulich. I am pretty confident (and hopeful lol) that I can kill the interview (or so I have been told by many people from my work/volunteering jobs). But I am just worried that my overall score for Schulich will still be low. Are there any success stories out there of having a rather lower gpa and still getting accepted (if not initially from the high wait list) at list from a normal wait list perhaps? How much does everyone think gpa and mcat is taken into account post-interview, I need some motivation, some hope that I can do this!! That I can and will achieve my dreams!
  13. Hi, First of all, never tell yourself or let anyone tell you that you are not smart enough for medicine! Clearly, it seems that other factors have caused you to have a lower gpa, which I can also relate too! From your upwards trend in gpa, I believe that you definitely have potential in achieving the Schulich best two years of 3.7 with your two years of psych courses. For sure retake the MCAT, because even if you have met the Schulich cut-offs you can still be "more competitive". Additionally it seems like you have great volunteering/research work that will help you with your interview as well! Now, I am NOT the success story that you are looking for haha, but in a slightly similar situation. I have just completed a 4 year degree with my best two years 3.7 and 3.79 (meet the Schulich cut-offs but not the best gpa by any means). I am also re-taking the MCAT with the hopes of meeting the SWOMEN cut-offs, yes I am SWOMEN as well! This status is honestly the only thing that is keeping me going at this point because a 129 in CARS I know is next to impossible to me. I am hopeful to meet the cut-offs and then an interview is guaranteed at least! After that, I am pretty hopeful that my interview skills will be able to pull me through to an acceptance. I read on this forum once that someone around a 3.7 ish average for best two years got into Schulich (as SWOMEN I believe) and that is essentially my "success story" haha. Hopefully some else can chime in here with another success story, and additionally, if anyone has any insight into how much gpa and mcat are factored into admission status that would also be greatly appreciated. But please do not lose hope or give up on your dreams! I agree, research is great but the whole aspect of working with patients is my aspiration for medicine a well! I know that with family disapproval etc. it can be tough to embark on another two years of undergrad, but if this is your dream, I do not see another option! Best of luck!!!!!
  14. Hi, Wow, thanks so much for all the helpful info, I really appreciate it! I am a single mom who will (hopefully) be completing this program over the next two years, and I just want to make some life plans accordingly, so knowing this kind of info is really helpful to me! I know that the schedule is variable week to week but in general, what are the earliest class start and end times? Are classes bright and early at like 8:30 am, or would i be able to get a nice workout in every morning lol, and what times do classes generally finish? Overall, I have heard great things about the program and hope to get an acceptance this year!!
  15. Hello, I have applied to OT at UWO this year and I was just wondering what the program start and end dates are? Like do classes end in April? Also, in general, I was wondering what the day to day class schedule is? Are classes Mon-Fri? And how many hours of classes each day? Sorry for all the questions!!