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  1. T-cell

    Omsas scale

    Hey, if you meet the cut-offs for MCAT so 383 total and 126/129/128 min in each section w/o psych I would 100% apply if money is not an issue.
  2. T-cell

    Omsas scale

    Hey, if its a 3.7 on the dot even but not rounded then you are good! If you meet the MCAT cut-offs as well I would 100% apply. Are you SWOMEN?
  3. Hi, does anyone know if Mac accepts an explanation essay? For extenuating life circumstances to explain academics for example.
  4. T-cell

    How does everyone study?

    For sure, re-read multiple times as opposed to writing out, which waaaay too long imo.
  5. T-cell

    Omsas scale

    Even if its a 3.7 your good. But it has to be 3.7 in EACH of the 2 best years used. And for Western you must be in final year of UG or have completed UG to apply. The way you calculate with OMSAS is use the scale to convert each percentage to a number out of 4.00 using the correct column, then add and numbers for one year and divide by 10. if its a full year class, just add that number in twice and still divide by 10 in the end. If you overloaded any year, use top 10 credits only.
  6. Finished UG with around 3.7 GPA. Some research experience in wet lab and psych lab but no pubs whatsoever. Long-term volunteering at local hospital in various departments and volunteering with seniors in a Long-Term Care Facility. MCAT is hopefully min 125 in each (yet to get results back but worried for CARS). BUT, imo I have a killer GPA explanation/ life story.... Should I apply? Does UofT really consider these life stories and really consider explanation essays. Oh and my references should be stellar as well, from what I have been told.
  7. Hi All, So I know that we need verifies for activities that we list part of the ASB, but if we are discussing a general life circumstance that doesn't have 1 specific verifier, do we not need to put the verifier information down in this case? Are family members allowed to be put down in situations like this? Should I be checking to make sure with the admissions committee myself?
  8. T-cell


    So as long as I submit before the deadline, I am good?
  9. T-cell

    OMSAS Questions

    Wondering the same thing!
  10. Which schools have you submitted this to, if you don't mind me asking? And have you still gotten interviews at schools where you submitted this info?
  11. Hi all, I haven't looked into the ABS thing too much yet, but do we need 8 activities in total or is 8 the max?
  12. T-cell


    So we just need to complete the request, but it doesn't matter if OMSAS actually receives the transcripts by Oct 1 or not? And for Ontario Universities, its all online this year correct? No need to go into the registrars office?
  13. Hi I am also wondering the same thing. I am not sure also what defines an "extenuating circumstance" and what supporting documents would be needed. What if there are no docs available? Also, does anyone know what schools will consider these circumstances?
  14. Does anyone know the process of requesting transcripts be submitted from Western University to OMSAS? Do I do this online? Does anyone know how long the process takes? Thanks!
  15. Ya if its still the same testing company there should be seats in London just like this year.