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  1. T-cell

    Western CTF Nursing

    Thanks for this useful info. Does anyone on this forum know the lowest average that was sent an acceptance? And as per your question, its literally the last 10 classes on your transcript...hopefully this helps your average:)
  2. T-cell

    Western CTF Nursing

    Hey, yes I applied to the UWO CTF for Admission Spet 19. Have you heard anything? Any idea what the entrance average will be for this year??
  3. Hi All, For any recent people that applied or were accepted into this school, how competitive is it GPA wise?
  4. T-cell

    Chance me

    Hey, for anyone that has entered the CTF nursing program at western (2 year accelerated nursing) in recent years, what are the chances of me getting accepted with an 84% average of last 10 best credits, and as for pre-reqs, all completed with (2.0 phys, 1.0 anat and 0.5 stats) if this matters at all for admission purposes! Also, for anyone in the program, how possible is it to obtain a 3.8+ GPA in the 2 years?
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew in general how competitive MScN programs that lead to the role of a NP in ON are? How many years of experience as an RN are required to apply to the program? Thanks!!
  6. Hello, Does anyone know how a second degree and GPA works for ON med schools. Does only the GPA of those 2 years count? Say you are completing a second degree but only need 2 years because electives transfer over, but do the elective marks count towards the second degree as well or not? And if the degree is only 2 years, then is it your two year GPA that counts, like for Western it could be the "best 2 years", but what for other schools?
  7. T-cell

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    I took the course a few years ago but from what I can remember the first exam is by far the easiest/least amount of detail required. If profs and course is still the same, that is def something to consider. My first exam was all neuro btw.
  8. Hi for anyone that has applied or been accepted to UWO OT program within the last two years, can anyone comment on the average entrance average of last 10 credits?
  9. Hey, but we can do a second undergrad degree and then apply during the last year of that degree right?
  10. Ok, thanks! Does anyone know when the deadline is to write CASPer?
  11. Did anyone end up clearing this up with admissions yet? I am thinking of entering a second undergrad degree as well, but I was under the impression that I could only apply in the final year of the undergrad degree? Also, is a two year undergrad degree that is equivalent to a four year degree also acceptable, say a two year BScN in an accelerated nursing program?
  12. Hi, Are we supposed to submit the ASB via the "Submit a new message" link or "Upload a document link"? Has anyone already done this? Is uploading the PDF as it is ok? No need to remain file etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
  13. Ok, sounds good! Best of luck with your app:))
  14. LOL, wondering the same thing! Also, did anyone else write their essays in a word doc and then copy and paste them in to the boxes in the PDF? Cause I did and I might be really tired from editing all day but it looks like some boxes have different fonts...
  15. Hey, has anyone ever used their CTF Nursing Degree to apply to Schulich Medical School. Is this even possible? It says that your second undergrad degree (as this would be for me) has to be equivalent to your first undergrad degree. Is the BScN two year degree equivalent to a BSc in biology degree? Is this even possible with the classes you take in CTF program? And it runs year round. If anyone has done this before or knows its possible, please let me know! Feel free to DM me as well:)
  16. Hey, ya I agree with adding no names etc. to file because the purpose of using initials is to keep the process anonymous. And it doesn't say anywhere to rename the file right? So I would keep is as it is and submit it! Has anyone contacted admissions about this maybe and can chyme in?
  17. Hi, on Schulich Med's website it says to link 4-8 experiences in the sketch and then on the form itself it says max 8 entries. But then there is the whole max scores thing etc. I have 6 solid activities, should I just leave it at that, instead of adding 2 more bs ones that might actually cause lower scoring because I can't link them to the topic properly. Is anyone else having less than 8 activities?
  18. Thanks for the input! Can anyone else chyme in as well? I would love to hear other opinions as well!
  19. Hey, to select the document type as "Western University Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch, do we first need to click on "Upload a document" link?
  20. Hi all, I haven't looked into the ABS thing too much yet, but do we need 8 activities in total or is 8 the max?
  21. Did they emphasize at all how the scoring system will work? It says max 8 entries but anywhere from 4-8 entries and then mentions that using the same activity for more than one entry may result in decreased scoring. However, will simply having 4 entries only also result in a lower score?
  22. T-cell

    OMSAS MCAT score deadline

    Deadline is Nov 1. It takes 2 days for OMSAS to get scores once you release them from AAMC to OMSAS. So tech the "last day" would be like Oct 29 to release them, but obvi a few days before to be safe! So you're good:)
  23. Hi All, For example, I am using a role at the hospital as a volunteer for a study to highlight exposure to diversity as I worked with a diverse group of patients (different age, gender, SES etc.). So for particular examples to highlight what I learnt etc. I am using examples of patient encounters, for example "One time a worked with a patient who said this....". Of course I am not naming any patients by names ( I do not even remember the names) and so my verifier for this activity is the lady who is responsible for the study that I volunteer with. Is this OK? To have her as a verifier for all my patient examples I use? Even though she is not always with me when I am interacting with these patients so she hasn't been present for all the examples I discuss.