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  1. Whoops I replied to the wrong post, but no, just your OVERALL GPA should be greater than 3.0. That being said, don't get too comfortable to the point of failing everything, but relax. Your GPAs are all near 4.0's anyways.
  2. Can confirm. Source: 1st year who experimented with this by shitting the bed on my last exam of undergrad cuz I didn't care.
  3. Tbh I'd say you're somewhere in the middle of the pack rn, your chances of landing an interview with those stats are like 50/50. It really do be like dat sometimes
  4. Might be overthinking too much here, but for the personality test, I made a mistake in transferring one of my answers circling a different number. I made my corrections relatively clear, and when I asked the lady at the front she said it was fine. Do you think it's worth emailing admissions to clarify for safety's sake?
  5. Thanks! Wow, that is quite a high average GPA.
  6. Hey everyone! First off, congratulations to everyone who got an interview at UofT. I was wondering, does anyone know how many interviews were sent out this year? An old forum post said somewhere in the 200 range, but I figured I'd check here to see if anyone knows before I call the admissions office. On that note, what were the average GPA/DAT scores of those invited? In the past those stats were sent out with the rejection letters. If anyone has info on that I would appreciate it.
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