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  1. Creating this thread for anyone that has been waitlisted at UBC to update us on their status, or for anyone that is planning on dropping their spot to inform us
  2. Anyone else heard of any one declining their offer any time soon?
  3. How long are the answers to each “CDA style” question should be roughly? Im assuming you dont have to go into as much depth as MMI questions?
  4. How many people usually get off the waitlist? Also are IP and OOP applicants placed on separate waitlists?
  5. Im wondering what are some options for places to stay on the weekend of the interview (im from out of town)?
  6. I have a few questions: 1) Does anyone know if they favour IP over OOP applicants or is everyone treated the same? 2) do we know approx. how many people usually get waitlisted?
  7. Are you doing this free of charge for over skype?
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