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  1. flomwa

    Interview dates

    Congrats! Kindly post your stats on the other thread. OOP too.
  2. flomwa

    MDCM for IMG's

    hey, I am an IMG applying for the 4 year program because I am an OOP applicant. I am guessing you are a resident... may be i can answer some of your questions to the best of my knowledge
  3. congratulations! which school did you get into?
  4. oh my goodness! wow. I'm in tears right now! congratulations!!
  5. My goodness! Inspiration galore I am so excited for you. Which school did you get into? hope to post here one day.
  6. flomwa


    Hi there, My apologies if this has been asked before, but what other materials other than the AAMC materials can I use to prepare for the CARS section. Approximately how many passages should I aim to go through? thanks!