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  1. This is a one off anecdote, a former fellow lab student had a similar issue two years ago. An explaination letter was sent to uoft and a phone call was made and while an incredibly stressful experience, that individual did get an interview that cycle (though no acceptance). While I can't say it will or won't work out. Know that there is hope.
  2. So, typically you go in, sign general papers to request the loan amount. A few business days later you get approval for the bank and within a few more days (provided your rep has ordered these forms), you go in to sign your loan agreement/set up accounts/cards. Sometimes cards will take a few days more (somewhere in there you send proof of enrol) I hear you, wish I could buy my furniture ahahaha
  3. Agreed. While not exactly happy I don't think it's a huge deal in the grand scheme
  4. While I'm happy with what scotia offered, my rep: -Claimed to manage many medical LOC's but was very fuzzy with promotional deals/deadlines and terms. -300$ chequing account opening bonus - I provided proof it was still valid up to the week following my initial meeting with them where they promised to make it happen but later forgot all about this, asked for proof again past the deadline, and lost the deal. -Incredibly slow email response times (~4 days for simple questions numerous times). Very difficult to schedule a sign the paper day... -I'm sure scotia has better reps out there as my friend signed at another branch and was ready to go in 1.5 weeks... but its nearly 3 for me and the rep is now leaving for vacation... I'd change reps but I just have to sign final papers... and I suppose past this initial meeting it likely doesn't matter anymore... ? Am I being unreasonable? Is this typical? Usually, I've found banks eager to set things like this up for students...
  5. So actually starting sept scotia will be updating their accounts= unlimited e transfers if that matters to you. I can't recall what other account changes there are. Also I agree regarding service- I'm just about to sign scotia (can't be bothered to with monthly interest payments) but the service I've gotten is the worst I've ever recieved... strongly considering switching in a few years.
  6. So just applied for a med* LOC, apparently the 300$ cash bonus expired on July 31st though now the gold amex has up to 300$ worth of points available in addition to the travel points. Also unlike rbc I liked that scotia takes monthly interest straight from your LOC instead of having to withdraw it into your chequing account.
  7. Hi there Your mcat (128 will put you in the running for west coast oop/fine for western) and grades are competitive (save potentially ottawa) which makes me think its likely abs/essay/references (omsas is changing reference requirements now). Your sketch sounds alright, could be better but definitely not bad. You could strengthen your EC ex. Add a few charity runs to running, volunteer at a seniors art night/assist community crafts, etc do stuff to deepen the value of your ecs I don't think adcoms would ever look poorly on job experience (communication skills, problem solving, maturity) and echoing the above don't do research if you don't love it. If it's research based you will not be improving your job prospects by much, a course based msc like mba/mph/pa would be better as an alternative and associated ECs would likely be more unique. I spent last year working two part time retail jobs for the first half of the year and clinical job the second half, took some art classes- it worked out fine.
  8. I would recommend you use the strongest/most relevant experiences. If they happen to be the same, especially if UofT says that they evaluate the ABS/statements and 4 essays separately, it should be fine. I personally took anecdotes from the same activities used in my 3 statements throughout my 4 essays (in addition to answering the question, providing personal insight/stories) and had no problems being accepted to UofT Best of luck!
  9. Hi there, I had a very similar mcat score to you and last year was contemplating the same thing. I also applied to similar schools save Dal. UofT: mcat-wise a non-issue you now need 125 across the board with a 124 in any section (499 min) score. Western: according to this past years minimum mcat scores cars needed to be at a 128. Queens: apparently according to this years invite postings you are at or above the minimum total score with a 510. However, serious black box. Ottawa: doesn't require mcat. A non-issue. UBC: you'd be a little lower than the oop average this year but this could be overcome assuming you have good ECs. Mac: you are below the average cars score but hey! Could still get an interview depending on casper. Going purely off of your mcat scores western is a no go, you are lower on the average score for queens/ubc/mac but it is possible to get an interview with those scores and for uoft/ottawa you are fine. I think if you did wish to rewrite your next step is to score better in cars, which you mentioned you are unsure of being able to do. So hypothetically, if you improved all other sections that would potentially improve your odds for queens (again a black box) and ubc (apparently they look at mcat post interview pls correct me if im wrong). Otherwise rewriting wouldn't seem to do much for you compared improving total/uoft/ubc wgpa which is a separate factor to your mcat though your two year gpas seem fine.
  10. Whoops I'm sorry, not city centre dundas square/financial district/ queens park but 20 mins via ttc on the line
  11. Result: Accepted UTSG Timestamp: May 14th 9:10 am wGPA: 3.93-3.94 MCAT: Above cutoffs ECs: Varied. LOR: One excellent, one decent, one wild card. Brief Personal Essays: I spent two weeks on them with multiple individuals reviewing them throughout. By the end they were solid. Interview: I honestly did not expect to get an interview. I prepped for two weeks straight (with med students, residents, physicians, friends, premeds) and it felt like I killed one, did very well in two and okay in the last station.
  12. I'm semi-certain TDR means Toronto downtown region. I'm just guessing but MDR likely means McMaster downtown region.
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