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  1. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! I'm very interested in UBC's MPH program and took a LOP credit at York a few years back. Now, I have a bit of an issue as UBC's MPH requires scanned 'official transcripts' of all institutions attended for their online application but all transcripts issued to students at York are considered 'unofficial'/stamped with 'issued to student' (with a note at the bottom stating that all transcripts issued to students are considered unofficial). Does anyone know if it'd be possible to get an 'official' York transcript as the MPH does not accept mailed hard copies or if UBC might accept the unofficial? Or if there's something else that can be done? I'd really appreciate any suggestions and have emailed UBC (they're definitely not going to answer for a bit ahaha) Thank you
  2. :/ it worked for me for one refresh... but I noticed a weirdly placed comma and fixed it... LOL couldn't go back to submit after. Learned my lesson. Edit: worked around 6pm
  3. Seems this might last longer than we'd like :/ https://www.ouac.on.ca/news/omsas-system-issues-deadline-may-be-extended/
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    Reference Dilemma URGENT

    Thank you!
  5. Hi there please help! I'm in a funny spot trying to decide between two referees. For omsas I have one from an employer and one from a clinical volunteer coordinator. However, my academic/scholastic referee (PI/neurologist/clinical investigator) just backed out due to new clinical duties and my options are now: 1.The neurologist's research nurse who knows about my thesis, international/national oral/poster presentations, research group contributions. I am worried that this reference does not have a PhD... and cannot compare my academic performance to other students. 2.The instructor of two experiential courses who can attest to my clinical and research experiences as a placement student who has read my written work and evaluated my course presentations. (unfortunately, the placement overlaps with the placement my other clinical reference will be talking about but I can ask to have this reference focus on scholastic and research experiences alone) Both individuals like me and would provide well written and personal letters. I'd appreciate any thoughts! Thank you, potato^2
  6. PotatoPotato

    Chance me please!

    1000000000% apply this cycle, mcat is only used as a cutoff and is NOT assessed competitively. As far as UofT is concerned should you not get an interview, it won't be because of your mcat.
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    Hey there Congratulations on completing your 5th year, that's already a tough decision to make and demonstrates great determination. As far as I'm concerned you are very nearly at the average in terms of gpa, I don't think it's non-competitive. Cars is a lil below average from a pure stats perspective (though that is a good cars score) but hey! There isn't any reason why you don't have a reasonable chance, prep for casper and hope for the best! I might hesitate regarding more years of undergrad as it becomes progressively harder and harder to budge that gpa for quite the financial cost... but I am not too knowledgeable about this topic. That being said, if you have the opportunity to apply elsewhere that will definitely help your odds, a cgpa of 3.83 can be much higher depending on weighting formulas. With a 128 cars Calgary/Alberta are options. Keep carrying on, you're heading in the right direction.
  8. PotatoPotato

    Mcat full lengths

    Hey there, from what I've gathered, princeton and kaplan full lengths tend to be very detail oriented, I've only skimmed princeton so take that with a grain of salt. That being said it seems nextstep and exam krackers FLs tend to be popular for "better" simulating the experimental/logical reasoning or passage-based questions. You can try FL 1 for NS for free via their website, apparently alitus has a half-length you can try as well (never personally looked it up/haven't heard much about it). You can't however "try" EK. Having purchased NS and EK FLs for my rewrite I might say I prefer EK for being a little more truly passage based and imo similar to what I have seen writing my mcat last year. However, the interface is not the same... NS is a bit more similar in that regard... For both EK and NS psych may not be representative, with one being a little too easy and the other too definition based, respectively. Regardless, if strange new terms come up you can always learn from them! NS chem may be a little too convoluted for a few calculations and EK cars is apparently inconsistent. Regardless both are great practice and I think sampling different companies is a great way to round your practice considering pros/cons of each... I might recommend a few from NS (test 1-3, beyond test 5 seems not to be the greatest use of time/money) and EK 3-4 if you wanted to do that. That being said... if your exam is coming up soon I would 100% make sure I have the time to fully go through AAMC FL and SB questions above any third party materials. I think you'll find that AAMC material trumps any other FL material and a big part of killing this test is getting into the AAMC mindset Good Luck
  9. PotatoPotato

    Odds/Gap year advice?

    Hey there potentiate! Thanks for the input, I find it tough gauging if a 5th year is a good idea (financial cost & potential of doing worse vs truly broadening your application & greater opportunity) though I agree, I looked through the invite/regrets post and for the most part grades are higher and it would definitely help. Is there anything specific that you think makes an exceptional application? Anyways I'll look into it more after the mcat thanks for taking the time!
  10. PotatoPotato

    Odds/Gap year advice?

    Thanks rmorelan! You're quite motivating and you've got a really good point there
  11. Hi there! Recent grad here looking to apply to med this year. I'm also wondering if it might be worth it to consider a 5th year or if aiming for a master's next year is ok as I'm currently looking at a few programs but am a little concerned about my grades... Mcat: 124/128/129/129, am rewriting this summer for c/p and am already expecting 126+ (will hopefully meet queens/western cutoffs while I'm at it) Uoft 3.935 Mac 3.79 Western 3.92 Queens 3.895 UofC/UofA/UBC 3.9-3.92 Hopefully, I'm doing this right just a potato looking for advice, thank you!