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    Stressed AAMC resources (CARS). Need some advice

    Hm, I see what you are saying. Yeah I guess I should have waited a little bit longer but I guess I was a little impatient. I still do JW practice passages everyday, and I have actually found a better technique that works in CARS which I had not previously used during the practice tests in AAMC. So, that kind of bummed me out since I can't apply this to a fresh new aamc test. I do find that I have improved since those tests so I guess we'l just have to wait and see! I read that some people actually re-do the aamc tests as a sort of ego-boost prior to their MCAT.
  2. Michael98

    Stressed AAMC resources (CARS). Need some advice

    Yes, I have also done UWORLD.
  3. Michael98

    Stressed AAMC resources (CARS). Need some advice

    I've done that one too hahaha.
  4. Hey guys, So, I'm about two 1/2 weeks out until my MCAT (August 16th) & I have stressed all of my AAMC CARS material. I have been able to re-do some passages because I completely forgot them, however, other passages I can remember all of the answers. I've completed all AAMC practice tests, and this is my first time writing so I'm not sure how I can maintain priming myself for the CARS section when I have stressed all of my material. I still have some other 3rd party sources for passages (TPR,Kaplan) however, I read not to do them so close to your MCAT and maintain the AAMC mindset. If you guys have any recommendations for me on what to do I would really appreciate that as I am a first-time writer.
  5. So, it is to my knowledge that McMaster only looks at the 'CARS' section of the MCAT (found on their application requirements). That being said, I also have read that studying only for this section when applying to Mac is a strategy. This is the main question that I have 1. Does McMaster not look at any other section score ? Even the slightest? For example, if you got 130+ on CARS, but 118 on all other sections, would they look at another applicant the same way if they got 130+ on CARS aswell as some scores on the other sections? I plan on only applying to McMaster for this year, and giving it my best shot. I am an Ontario resident, and my current GPA (2nd year + 1 sem completed) is 3.97.