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  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd fill you all in but I got a rejection letter at 2:42pm today
  2. TIME STAMP: 2:15 Result: Reject cGPA: 3.79 MCAT: 513 (127/125/130/131) ECs: Volunteer, varsity athletics, activities I enjoy, no research Year: 4th year undergrad Geography : IP Does anyone know how much weighting they put on references/CASPER? I thought I had a chance! Might re-write the MCAT to try do better on CARS.
  3. Does anyone know if there are any invites to still go out? I haven't heard back from them yet!
  4. Definitely write the MCAT dude. Your GPA is great and your extracurriculars are heading in the right direction. Your MCAT is overall low and if you can get 128+ on CARS you will get a lot more interviews.
  5. Personally don't think a 3.84 vs. a 3.8 makes any difference. You can get in with either. Hell, people have even gotten in with a 3.6 before. What makes a differences is a 131 vs. a 127 in CARS, doing well on CASPER, and having a good interview.
  6. I personally know two people who were on the Varsity Track and Field team when in medicine. Practices are typically from 5-7:30 pm and they were able to manage it while still... surviving?
  7. I'm currently in my fourth year of undergraduate studies and am not sure what my plans are if I don't get into medical school. What are your plans if you don't get in?
  8. A friend of mine was on the admission board for one medical school. He only volunteered at one hospital and didn't the any research. He wasn't passionate about research. All of his extracurriculars (sports, music, etc.) were things he did because he was passionate about them and it made him an extremely authentic applicant.
  9. Have your most recent semesters marks been integrated into your cGPA? Mine have yet to be!
  10. Sorry if this is a repost if information is on a different thread. How much weight does U of T place on reference letters as compared to GPA or essays?
  11. Thanks, do you know what day they release their invites?
  12. Does Western have a strict 129 CARS cutoff or a 383 cutoff?
  13. It appears that the University of Alberta is one of the few medical schools in Canada that request an updated transcript to be sent in. Does anybody know how this impacts the decision process (i.e. are our first semester marks included into the cGPA calculation)? Thanks!
  14. Hey, I am in province in Alberta and I go to school in Ontario. I am considering a re-write for my MCAT but am undecided yet. In the grand scheme of things I do not think the extra year is that bad of an idea, especially since I'm really interested in my potential research topic. What do you suggest I do?
  15. Well said. Thanks for all the advice. Do you know how U of A/U of C treat MSc's?
  16. Yeah it would definitely help with Ottawa, however I was thinking an MSc will help excel me in other schools where I will already have a competitive GPA I am applying to two masters programs - one is research and one is course based And I am from Alberta
  17. In that case (give that I have a 4.0 this final semester) my credentials are: Western, Queens: 3.92 Ottawa: 3.69 Toronto: 3.87 MCAT: 127CP, 125CARS, 130BIO, 131PSYCH Do you know how it works for other schools? I.e. U of A, UBC?
  18. Hello, please let me know what you think would increase my chances best: On the MCAT, I scored 513 (127,125CARS, 130, 131) My GPA is as follows - First year: 3.72 - Second year: 3.22 - Third year: 3.87 - Fourth year (one semester complete): 3.93 (Hoping for 4.0 in second semester) My current cGPA is 3.65, if I finish this semester with a 4.0 it will be 3.7. Should I take a fifth year or do a masters?
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