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  1. helppls

    Is UofT purely a numbers game?

    Do the interviewers ask specific questions about your extracurriculars? I don't have any research experience and don't see myself being able to get any before I apply before the end of this year. However, I do have volunteering, shadowing and work experience.
  2. Good point. I wonder why so many more people tend to post about the November DAT...
  3. 26AA and 22PAT Definitely surprised with my score!
  4. On the Confirmation & Admittance letter it says to arrive at the check-in location at the check-in time (8:00 am) but on the CDA website it says to arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointment time. Could someone who has written the DAT at UofT kindly let me know what time I should be there? Also, if check-in time is at 8, when would the exam start?
  5. Hi mj23, I am also consistently getting 30/50 on DAT Primer and am very worried for this section of the exam. I'm wondering if you wrote the exam this past November and if you did, would you mind sharing your RC score? Was it still around 19?