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  1. Does anyone know if there is still a personality test? The email did not mention any time being allotted for that.
  2. It said $275 for me. Have you submitted your proof of citizenship and transcripts yet? After I submitted those, I received a follow-up email 18 days later confirming that they received the payment fee and all supporting documents.
  3. I'm also worried about not meeting UofT's biochem prereq. I've taken two half year biochemistry courses covering molecular biology, proteins and enzymes, but neither covers cellular metabolism. Should I be worried and take a cellular metabolism course next semester? If I take it next semester, would I be able to change the prereqs that I listed on my application that I've submitted?
  4. I didn't hold my booklet up, but if anyone else did, the proctors didn't say anything about it.
  5. I wrote it at UofT the past February and here's what I can recall: Everyone was waiting outside of the building because we got there early; I was pretty nervous but saw some old friends in the crowd so we talked and calmed each other down (definitely better than waiting alone for 15 minutes). When the proctors let us in, we waited some more in the "lobby" of the building, then they called for the MDT takers to follow them into their testing room. The rest of us were split into two and were led to where we presented our photo ID to sign in. Then, we waited some more and were eventually allowed to enter the exam room (which looked like a small auditorium). We had to put all our belongings in the front of the room, but were allowed to keep our watches (unless they were smart watches) and a sharpener. On the table in front of me was one big test booklet with all four sections of the exam, and four separate scantrons (if I remember correctly...), and a sticker sheet with our personal information. There were two pencils and a eraser, but you could ask for more pencils/a sharper pencil throughout the exam (I did not bring a sharpener with me but had no problems with pencils being dull, etc). . We could not have anything on our table other than the test booklet, the scantrons, our sticker sheet, and our photo ID. At the beginning of each section, we put a sticker on the scantron for that section. There was a countdown timer projected in the front of the room. We were prohibited from flipping ahead to the other sections. The order of the tests were Bio, Chem, PAT, RC. There was a 10 min break outside the test room at the end of each section and we weren't monitored so some people talked (although I believe they shouldn't have). There were no blank sheets for rough work, but I found enough space in the booklet (if anything, you just need to do rough work for chem and PAT). You can write on the text booklets, but all answers must be transferred to the scantron. The whole exam passed by in a flash for me, and I felt better coming out of it than I thought I would. Grabbed myself some treats while I was downtown and just enjoyed the rest of the day without thinking of studying. I hope the above walk-through calms you a bit. All the best on Saturday!
  6. I just received a confirmation email from UofT saying that they've reviewed my application and received all the required supporting documents. I guess this means the CDA did automatically send my DAT transcript to the school.
  7. I called UofT and they said the same thing. I'm also still kinda paranoid... s:
  8. I wrote the Feb 2018 DAT and am in the process of applying to dental school. I'm wondering if the DAT transcripts are automatically sent to the schools that I selected during registration for the exam, or if I need to request them to be sent. My understanding is that all transcript request fees were included in the registration fee for the five schools I had selected. But, the only way to request for transcripts on CDA's website is to request for "additional transcripts" that have additional fees. I've been in contact with CDA but they haven't provided much clarification. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me.
  9. Do the interviewers ask specific questions about your extracurriculars? I don't have any research experience and don't see myself being able to get any before I apply before the end of this year. However, I do have volunteering, shadowing and work experience.
  10. Good point. I wonder why so many more people tend to post about the November DAT...
  11. 26AA and 22PAT Definitely surprised with my score!
  12. On the Confirmation & Admittance letter it says to arrive at the check-in location at the check-in time (8:00 am) but on the CDA website it says to arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointment time. Could someone who has written the DAT at UofT kindly let me know what time I should be there? Also, if check-in time is at 8, when would the exam start?
  13. Hi mj23, I am also consistently getting 30/50 on DAT Primer and am very worried for this section of the exam. I'm wondering if you wrote the exam this past November and if you did, would you mind sharing your RC score? Was it still around 19?
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