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  1. Deleted. My information was inaccurate according to later posters. My apologies. Best to double check with the school.
  2. https://secure.dentistry.ubc.ca/application/help.asp try the email listed here under admissions office
  3. the name of your school would help lol are you sure you are emailing the right e mail address? they have always replied less than a week for me.
  4. chingp

    Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?

    yeah nobody I knew did the prep courses either. Though I can see them being helpful if you REALLY need someone to push you to study and structure your studying for you. but damn those are some crazy scores congrats haha
  5. chingp

    Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?

    Used Chad's videos for gen chem review. Cliffnotes AP Bio + feralis notes (can be found online) for gen bio review. Dat destroyer for grinding out chem and bio questions. Dat bootcamp for daily PAT + Reading comp + overall timed testing. Edit: Though the datbootcamp PAT and reading comp is electronic vs canadian dat's paper based versions so maybe kaplan would be better for those (?).
  6. chingp

    Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?

    i bought their 2017 book for the DAT and I found that the chem section was way more detailed than necessary compared to other tried-and-true study materials. PAT and reading comp was pretty ok though. I ended up using other resources for the majority of my studying.
  7. chingp

    Need some serious advice.

    From the threads I've seen so far and the people I have talked to, it seems like people either get in with very high GPAs, or very high DAT scores for UBC. I think as long as you have a good GPA your DAT score should be ok. I think someone on the UBC thread had a 16 PAT and was accepted. But that's just my theory anyways, take it with a grain of salt.
  8. chingp

    Need some serious advice.

    Just a reminder that the average grade for acceptance is an average so people get in with lower percentiles and higher percentiles etc. Someone at my interview for UBC was OOP with a 85% avg and he was accepted. It's not impossible, but you will definitely need very high DAT scores to make up for the difference. It's worth a shot, since you dont have to put in any ECS or anything like that so the application is quite simple.
  9. chingp

    Tips for prepping CASPer

    Personally casper felt like a condensed typed version of an MMI, though with the crazy time limit. I basically just used generic MMI questions and a few of the free casper question vids I found on youtube and this forum and practiced typing my answers out as fast as I can (though untimed). I did this for 2-3 days and then I started doing it with a timer on my phone to make sure I was good with the actual timing of the answers on the test. I think the time limit is probably the hardest part, everybody I knew ran out of time on certain questions so you really need to get the typing and the timing down pat. As for the actual answers I just followed the generic MMI answer advice with the impartiality, exploring sides of the issue, empathy etc. Hope that helps.
  11. They never mentioned a specific date, the lady told us “mid-March” was the latest we would hear back.
  12. I haven’t received mine yet either
  13. When's your interview? That's pretty early, I thought they were mostly near the end of Feb, mines on the 24th.
  14. I'm pretty clueless about the PBL as well. Theres a fb group called "Vancouver MMI Prep 2017". It says 2017 but the google doc for the mmi practice is still active and I've been going to them so theres that if anyones interested in MMI practice at ubc. Though its mostly pre-meds.
  15. Yeah, I prepared for a few days ahead of time. I mostly just practiced typing out responses to common MMI questions and casper questions that i found on youtube to get the timing and formatting down. I had no idea how I did on casper even after I finished. I felt like I did very well on half of them but did pretty poorly on the other half since i ran out of time on two questions.