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  1. Your PAT should be fine for UBC. Anecdotal, but I've seen lower in my class. I would only retake to boost your application depending on where your GPA sits.
  2. For those that received offers, come join the official 2023 group! Feel free to post any questions you may have in here for the upper years! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2398970680126908/
  3. the fee differences are pretty much negligible for Canadian schools, but for the states the difference can be huge. I would say to not use tuition as a deciding factor for Canadian schools. I would base it more off of the school curriculum/clinical experience that you get (last time i checked mcgill still makes you learn reproduction as a dentist lol). Some schools start year 1 with clinical whereas other ones you won't even touch teeth until second or third year. I for one cant imagine doing a full year of sciences without being in clinic and actually doing dentistry. Lifestyle and city choices are really important too like throwaway said.
  4. I think two minutes reading is part of that 10 minutes but the moving I don’t think is part of it. It’s been a while so it’s quite hazy but that’s from what I remember. Again there’s no real pattern to the questions so it’s possible it won’t even be ethics based since they change them every year, but I would practice everything from opinion pieces to scenarios to cover my basis.
  5. I can only speak from my experience for my interview but the DMD MMI seemed more straightforward than the med MMIs. The MMI examiners do not ask questions back, they sit in complete silence for 10 minutes while you basically monologue. This can make it easier or harder depending on how you think about it because they won't be there to prompt you or save you if you run out of things to say but on the other hand they won't interrupt you either. The scenarios that I got were far more straightforward and ethics based compared to say the med ones which have more abstract questions in them, but this can change year to year. I would say just go and do as much practice as you can even if you get medical topics like euthanasia or physician stuff because its more about how to think on your feet even if you don't know an answer to the question and to practice a formula for you to organize your thoughts. We got a few really difficult ethics questions in our interview and no amount of background knowledge can save you on those except staying calm and organized (which is why going to the MMI practice with different strangers everyday throwing different questions at you in person is really helpful).
  6. For those in Vancouver I highly recommend practicing in person https://www.facebook.com/groups/173550230242947/ . getting my answers destroyed by around 40+ premeds twice a week really helped me memorize a solid answer formula and stay calm during the actual interview. Good luck people ill be seeing you guys next year
  7. I’ve heard rumors in class that there’s only going to be 4-5 international students joining the next year, down on the last side of our clinic there’s a few ops that are unused so we think they’re not going to decrease the amount of domestic applications but rather just try to increase the number of students to 60 from our year (56). Take what I’m saying with a grain of salt though it’s all speculation at this point.
  8. Deleted. My information was inaccurate according to later posters. My apologies. Best to double check with the school.
  9. https://secure.dentistry.ubc.ca/application/help.asp try the email listed here under admissions office
  10. the name of your school would help lol are you sure you are emailing the right e mail address? they have always replied less than a week for me.
  11. yeah nobody I knew did the prep courses either. Though I can see them being helpful if you REALLY need someone to push you to study and structure your studying for you. but damn those are some crazy scores congrats haha
  12. Used Chad's videos for gen chem review. Cliffnotes AP Bio + feralis notes (can be found online) for gen bio review. Dat destroyer for grinding out chem and bio questions. Dat bootcamp for daily PAT + Reading comp + overall timed testing. Edit: Though the datbootcamp PAT and reading comp is electronic vs canadian dat's paper based versions so maybe kaplan would be better for those (?).
  13. i bought their 2017 book for the DAT and I found that the chem section was way more detailed than necessary compared to other tried-and-true study materials. PAT and reading comp was pretty ok though. I ended up using other resources for the majority of my studying.
  14. From the threads I've seen so far and the people I have talked to, it seems like people either get in with very high GPAs, or very high DAT scores for UBC. I think as long as you have a good GPA your DAT score should be ok. I think someone on the UBC thread had a 16 PAT and was accepted. But that's just my theory anyways, take it with a grain of salt.
  15. Just a reminder that the average grade for acceptance is an average so people get in with lower percentiles and higher percentiles etc. Someone at my interview for UBC was OOP with a 85% avg and he was accepted. It's not impossible, but you will definitely need very high DAT scores to make up for the difference. It's worth a shot, since you dont have to put in any ECS or anything like that so the application is quite simple.
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