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  1. I wouldn't worry about it, mine shows the same in spring semester. The conditions of my offer were removed so there must be no issue with it showing as "spring". I hope this helps! Look forward to seeing you in orientation week!
  2. I got mine at McBaine Cameras in SouthGate Mall! I wore a collared shirt.
  3. TIME STAMP: January 21 10:30 PM MST Interview Date: N/A Result: Regrets wGPA: 3.83 MCAT: 128 (511 Total) ECs: Above average (Captain of varsity team, ER trauma team shadowing-2 yrs, AHS OR Job, Tutoring, Autism Mentoring ect..) Year: 3rd yr undergrad Geography : IP Not really sure where I went wrong here, may have been because I haven't finished a bachelor and my age (20)
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