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  1. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride
  2. It depends mostly on the area where you work. If you have better dental plans in your surrounding region, that means it might be worth, to go in a Dentist profession.
  3. You should definitely listen to the jazz music. Jazz music itself creates an illusion world that takes one into the Heaven and you feel relaxed and enjoyed.
  4. In my opinion, if you have a feeling for her just go and ask her out for a coffee or a bite. Don't be shy tell something about yourself to her and ask a few (most of the time) about her too.
  5. They are really amazing Thanks for sharing such a beautiful video with us.Hope one day I could also make one of these videos when I graduate my college days.
  6. Love to learn musical instruments. E.g Guitar, Drums, Harmonica, Piano, etc. Music is amazing and to play these instruments give me a new sensation of feeling that excites me.
  7. To learn French you definitely should go through online learning courses provided freely over the internet. They help to learn to speak French like a PRO.
  8. The criminal justice may found him guilty this time and then he might lose his lIcense, but there is a big if unless proven guilty.
  9. I definitely will if it gets me, someone, to go on a date with.
  10. If you really want to go to the med/grad school you definitely should start doing so, Find a good medical college and apply for it.
  11. I love swimming and painting
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