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  1. Result: Invite cGPA: 3.88 Feeling about Casper: Mediocre at best ECs: Research (no pubs), community and club involvement, service jobs, teaching and tutoring/mentorship. Year: completed MSc. Last June IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No
  2. MD.VA

    Interview dates

    Historically it comes out a few days before the posted date - either Monday or Tuesday
  3. Acceptances historically come out an noon, low-high waitlists earlier. Waiting here myself
  4. I'm getting ready for work and contemplating turning off my phone for the morning until my shift is over...
  5. I dreamt that I got rejected..... from U of T.... where I didnt even interview - no surprises there LOL
  6. Literally me any time I see anyone - friends, colleagues, family..... I just dont want to think about it
  7. High proof alcohol will do the job better
  8. Apparently the admissions committee DID read it. I just got an email essentially telling us to calm down LOL
  9. Just like for your interview invites, you will receive an email later on updating you on the status change on Minerva, with a letter of acceptance and further instructions. For now, just relax.
  10. Its emailed to you later on
  11. It's likely manual entry, so some vatiation is expected. Im assuming we'll get our responses within the hour....?
  12. I would say around the same time but it's hard to tell since Minerva doesn't time stamp.
  13. Seems like acceptances are already coming out! Good luck everyone! Further Review Required on my end still.
  14. I'm pretty sure very few of us are thinking they did perfectly on all 10 stations! It's normal to feel like you could've done better in a couple situations. 7 minutes is really a short time to get your point across. The committee has that in mind when evaluating all of us. Don't count yourselves out just yet!
  15. Ladies and gentlemen, within 24 hours we will all know our fate: acceptance, rejection, or purgatory. Thanks to everyone that joined in for my memes and antics. I apologize if I induced anxiety for anyone over the last 3 weeks. I wish everyone the best of luck. Try to get some good sleep tonight (I know I won't). Please remember, even if you receive a rejection, you've made it to the interview which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Don't give up (I know I won't)! And lets all post our stats tomorrow for the future applicants to see.