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  1. Good luck everybody Look forward to welcoming some of you to U of T class of 2T3 in August!!!!
  2. why is the fb page so quiet? I'm so excited to meet you all but no other froshies have spoken up and i am now shy
  3. where? i looked really close. anyhow, do we find out tomorrow, July 3? When does calgary start? I assume here https://www.cma.ca/En/Pages/medical-students.aspx
  4. I contacted Lynne for U of T scotiabank and she said the overall limit is increasing in the next few weeks.
  5. Hi Eudaimonia, my advisor didn't mention this, but I was looking on scotia bank's website, and it says when we open a new Scotia One banking account, we can get up with 10k points. the conditions are in fine print at the very bottom. http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/personal/bank-accounts/chequing-accounts/scotiaone-chequing-account.html My question for you: did you get anything extra on top of the upfront offer?
  6. I contacted RBC and scotiabank recently and this is a comparison: 1. Credit cards annual fee: both top of the line cards, mostly similar/comparable perks with Scotia having slight upper hand. Difference: RBC offered to waive annual fees for 4 years, Scotia for 4 years + residency + 2 year grace period. That, if RBC does not budge, is a ~$1000 difference (if residency = 5 years, annual fee $120-135). 2. Credit cards welcoming points: RBC gives 30,000 with no strings attached (up to $700 value). Scotia bank gives $250 equivalent if you spend $1000 in first 90 days. That's a +$500 for RBC. 3. iPad/points: RBC is offering the new iPad (with student discount and taxes in costs a little under $500) to NEW clients. It is essentially a perk for new customers opening the VIP banking account, not specific to MD students. It has strings attached, preauthorized payment etc. Easy to fulfill conditions for most of us. Edit: [not confirmed] actually, during the summer months, with similar conditions, at Scotiabank you get 10,000 rewards points or scene points, which would be $100 and 10 movies (~$130) respectively. 4. Banking account: unlimited transactions + unlimited e transfers from RBC. unlimited transactions + 2 free e transfers/month from Scotiabank. Again, however, RBC is waiving monthly fees for 4 years of MD, Scotiabank for MD+res+2 years grace period. Another $1000 difference. Summary: RBC: +$500 (iPad) +$500 (diff in welcoming points) Scotiabank: +$1000 (saved in credit card annual fees) + $1000 (saved in bank account fees) + [not confirmed] $100 (rewards or scene points) All of these are upfront offers. I'm going to negotiate with both.
  7. rainbow colour. we be inclusive and bright and seconds the flamboyance.
  8. it's too far from home haha. i'd choose to stay as close as i can, and I've 90% decided U of T. Why, do you think Western has an edge over both schools?
  9. I agree, thanks to both of the answerers! Very helpful, and now I'm tipping towards Toronto, haha
  10. ok so an update. for me, the feelings from first 5 minutes after coming out of interviews were extremely accurate (5/5 schools predicted). But of course, after those initial 5 minutes, all went to hell and I thought I was stupid for each and every one of them, some more so than others, and those feelings were no where near correct.
  11. Yea we'd be eligible. it's the same process as is for undergrad. You can still do estimates and all. Same website same everything. just put medicine as program name
  12. Thank you, that is very helpful. I'm not good with finances at all, so your pointers (and pointers on this forum) really help me. much appreciated.
  13. I know this has been asked before in the past few years, but do want to hear some more recent opinions. Both schools are great (U of T is my undergrad, closer to home). What do you guys think? What are some factors I should consider? Thank you in advance!
  14. Result: Accepted London campus! Timestamp: 10:21 am May 8th 2018 Email subject: Good News from Schulich Medicine GPA: I don't remember how weighting works, but close to 4.0. MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: average probably, some research. interview: felt good in the first 5 minutes after I came out, and straight downward ever since. Geography: non-SWOMEN, IP Will be declining this offer in favour of Toronto/Mac. Best of luck to those on the wait list!
  15. Result: Accepted to St. George!!!!!! ACCEPTED!!!!! Timestamp: 9.25 am May 8, 2018 Email Subject Line: University of Toronto MD Offer Letter GPA: 3.89 not eligible for weighted i believe. MCAT: 523 ECs: average maybe. more research than other extra curriculars. Essays: got help. spent weeks. Research: 2 publications. Interview: 1 station was great 1 was shit two others meh Year: 4th year
  16. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 8.46 AM Email Subject Line: Queen's School of Medicine Admissions Status 2018 GPA: 3.98 (? dk the weighting) MCAT: 523 ECs: U of A said not good enough. maybe average. Geography: IP Interviews: MMI was bad, panel was amazing. Year: 4th year UG will be removing myself from the waitlist. good luck y'all
  17. Take heart!! I had 2 bad emails right before this one.
  18. Result: ACCEPTED HAMILTON!!!!!!!! Timestamp: 8.52 am May 8th 2018 Email subject line: Offer of Admission, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University - Hamilton Campus cGPA: 3.89 MCAT: CARS 130 ECs: U of A said wasn't good enough. at most average i suppose. Interview: I got sneak peak one station was a 9/10 but 3 of them i felt shit. practiced a lot a lot. CASPER: I think it's okay? I got interviews to Ottawa too but rejected by McGill and U of A pre interview.
  19. 8.52 am i was too busy jumping up and down going to post now
  20. Waitlisted by queens too. I’m giving up... see ya (I mean Med schools, I hope y’all get in eh) next year...
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