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  1. Lol, perhaps it just depends on the individual that responds back - and if they're feeling generous enough at the time to throw you a bone And to be fair, personal biases against the section aside, there really is not enough data to show how relevant it is to determining success in medicine (i.e. like the holy grail that is CARS). And as many others have mentioned, it's unlikely to impact the applicant pool as those who are already at the high CARS cutoff likely have a high psych score as well.
  2. I actually just got an email response from admissions earlier this week regarding this, and I quote: "We are unlikely to use that section of the MCAT this year as there has not been enough research to date as to its impact." Take that as you will =)
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    Western Now Looking at ECs

    Do you think preference/more points will be given to activities that were done long-term compared to shorter term ones - or even a one time event? I'm curious as there are a couple short term/one-time events that were great experiences which I'd love to include, but not at the cost of losing points. Please pardon my neuroticism!
  4. I was incredibly surprised that the Psych/Soc section was not given a cut-off this year, as it is the first application cycle that they are only taking the new MCAT. Can anyone - perhaps with some inside knowledge - share any insights on this? I'm curious whether they truly disregard this section completely (i.e. one could get away with a 118) and if they will ever choose to look at it. Also, congratulations to everyone who received interviews this year! My best goes out to all of you (: