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  1. Result: Accepted Timestamp: May 14th cGPA: like 3.5 lol 2 year GPA: ~ 3.8 MCAT: 515 (130, 126, 129, 129) ECs: Lots of research and publications. some sports, and some rather unique experiences. Geography: IP Interview: MMI felt good initially but as time went by, I became less and less happy with my answers. Panel felt OK, but didn't feel like I came across as great as I would have hoped. Year: MSc grad Whoa. Still can't believe I got in... I've been putting this post off until I've had time to process it, but I still haven't. There have been a lot of struggles, self doubt, and sleepless nights to get to this point. Lots of struggles also coming from a very low income household.There have been a lot of posts on these forums that helped me push through, and I hope someone can see my stats and think the same. Will be accepting. Can't wait to meet everyone in August!
  2. Hey everyone, need some advise as a new medical student. I'll be going to a med school that's not in my home town... Should I get the LOC from my home town bank or from a branch located in the medical school town? Probably going with RBC...Thanks!
  3. Albert

    May 14 Countdown

    anyone see an offer for queens but see "university offer: pending" on SOLUS?
  4. Albert

    MMI Disaster

    Oh boy... am I in trouble then...
  5. Albert

    MMI Disaster

    May I ask how you also felt about your MMI relative to the panel last year?
  6. Albert

    MMI Disaster

    I sort of felt this too...
  7. I e-mailed them. They said not hearing back from MD/PhD has no implications on your MD application.
  8. I'm also interested in this, if someone could shed some insight it would be great! Having not heard back from MD/PhD, I feel like it pretty much means a rejection since my file has for sure been reviewed and just not deemed strong enough for an interview invite?
  9. Just realized the admissions update also says" Interview invitations...will continue on a rolling basis until all interview spots are filled." . A little concerning...
  10. I'd say yes, based on their update on the week of Jan 14: "Admission decisions and interview offers will be sent out as soon as file reviews are completed. Interview offers for February 9th will be sent out by email at the end of this week. Invitations for the following interview dates as based on our schedule will begin to go out at the end of this month and will continue on a rolling basis until all interview spots are filled."
  11. Albert

    MD/PhD Interview Invites Question

    My guess is a small batch of MD/PhD invites remain, and that they'll be sent out this week.
  12. Nevermind, saw the interview invite/regrets thread.
  13. Have many people been getting through? I still can't get to the review page...
  14. It would really suck if we continue to sit by our computers and the issue isn't even fixed by midnight...