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  1. I got mixed responses when I asked if I should do this but I did it anyways. I ended up sounding like fucking shrek so I do not advise doing this. Hopefully the interviewers thought I had a speech impediment or something
  2. Assume everyone interviewed (about 650?) has the same chance of getting accepted - everyone is equal. What is the chance an IP applicant is accepted? Also assume relatively similar IP/OOP numbers as last year. Things to account for: - getting accepted off the wait list (people accepting other schools) - OOP seats/applicants - rural seats (? idk how this will change anything; imaginary applicant is applying for a normal seat) - seats reserved for First Nations applicants (is this a thing? Or am I thinking of UoManitoba? - applicant is non-First Nations) - ??? I think you guys know more about these factors than I do - disqualified applicants Perhaps a bored stats nerd with too much free time can help me out. I also realize that the stats page may not have sufficient info. Here it is anyways http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admissions-statistics/ OK. I just looked at some of the stats pages after typing all this shit. Apparently some of the more advanced stats aren't available? I could have sworn I saw stats for interviewed applicants somewhere. Oh well. I don't want to delete this because I spent like 10mins typing it. so fuck it lol my bad
  3. Is 1 week of prep sufficient? asking for a friend lol. Also is it crucial to time your responses for 7 minutes, or is it better to be more fluid with responses? PM me if you wanna discuss anything.
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