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  1. Thank you so much for this! I'm trying to decide between McMaster (hamilton) and Ottawa, and I was hoping you could give your thoughts on a few questions I had: 1. Do people pursuing competitive specialties at mcmaster find themselves at a disadvantage for carms matching, since its a 3 year program? (I'm hoping to do dermatology and I've been told that given the choice between a 3 year and 4 year program, I should go for the 4 year program since there's more time to prepare?) 2. For the first year and a half of pre-clerkship, how helpful is it to have a car? ie to travel to hospitals for observerships 3. What was the toughest part about the transition to med school? Thank you again
  2. AlynHoffman

    Post-interview thoughts 2019

    I had a weird personal question too :000 I didn't have any structure or anything for that one since it was so weird and just rambled omg D:
  3. How did everyone feel about the interviews now that they're over :'D I thought mine went okay, but Idk if it went well enough to really stand out compared to everyone else :/ Has anyone here gotten in or heard of someone who got accepted even though they felt bad or lukewarm about their mmi D:
  4. AlynHoffman

    MMI Disaster

    LOL SAME when I was speaking, I looked over at the prompt and saw it written at the bottom and I was just like o.o ohhh... no wonder they looked so confused I'm sure it happens a lot though, so I don't think it would be that big a deal... I hope..... (erg hopefully not red flagged as "can't follow instructions")
  5. AlynHoffman

    MMI Disaster

    OMG ME TOO for the first station, I did something really stupid that was written on the prompt NOT to do -.- ah well
  6. Same with me R at 1:55PM
  7. me when the R hits tomorrow
  8. For the people who received their invites today, was it for the April 7th interview date?
  9. It's so frustrating that it sounds like they have most of the files reviewed, but because of something delaying it we won't hear back until next week >:| last year wasn't this bad with the delays right
  10. Don't think so... I didn't hear of anyone getting one :/
  11. did they say when they're going to send them out? :00
  12. Has anyone heard of any 3rd years (UG) receiving an invite yet? I haven't seen any posted here, and I don't know anyone who got one yet personally ...
  13. you mean the one back in december, saying that they'll be notifying verifiers from jan-march?
  14. I've been preparing a lot for the MMI format and the style of questions (e.g. ethical, current events, roleplaying scenarios), I've been doing a lot of mock MMIs to practice the timing and meeting with MMI prep groups. But, for the panel, I'm not super sure about how to prepare... Would greatly appreciate any insight about what would be the best way to prep for the panel at Ottawa, or any panel in general, and any general tips/advice Thank you!
  15. Result: Invite! Time Stamp: 9am wGPA: 4.00 Year: 3rd year UG MCAT: 520 ECs: some general stuff, some music, research Geography: IP Edit: seeing some of the stats here, I'm really wondering what they use to make their decisions. I honestly didn't have amazing ECs even though Queens is known for liking unique/amazing ECs. Seems pretty subjective to me