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  1. I sent all my documents on Friday the 17th, and received a confirmation email on Tuesday the 21st.
  2. Me! OMSAS says Offer for Ottawa... but still waiting on the email.
  3. You won’t be able to see any reports until your score is released. OMSAS needs to receive your scores before Nov. 1st, so as long as you send it to them before that deadline you’ll be fine (OMSAS says it can take up to 2 days to process your request from AAMC so do it a few days before Nov. 1st at the latest).
  4. I understand! There’s a big possibility that these people didn’t do well enough on CASper for their GPA to save their application. I wouldn’t worry about your GPA or your ECs, they’re both spectacular! Concentrate on doing well on the CASper and you’ll be in a very good spot, regardless of the stream you pick.
  5. I can’t answer that with 100% certainty. Some say that it’s GPA, CASPer and ABS with an equal weight, while others say its only GPA and CASPer. On their website they mention that interview invites are sent out based on non-academic assessments (which would be CASPer and ABS) combined with the minimum WGPA set for that particular group and year. One thing I know is that its common for applicants to underestimate the importance of CASper when they have really high GPAs, but it is important so you need to give it your best shot!
  6. Honestly, with those stats you’re very competitive for both streams! At this point, you should choose the language you’re most comfortable using on the CasPer, interview and day to day basis. Don’t take CasPer too lightly, as it is an important component of your application so if you believe you’ll do better writing it in English and given that high GPA, then I would suggest you apply to the Anglophone stream!
  7. Simply contact your academic assistant and they will provide you with the contact information to use as a verifier. These people have access to your file and transcript and will be able to confirm that you have received these awards if contacted.
  8. It won’t be too late! My friends submitted theirs on Oct. 1st last year and were able to register for the test. Casper has so many spots and there’s multiple dates as well to accommodate the large amount of students writing it.
  9. Only 1 transcript! OMSAS will send it to all the schools you applied to.
  10. No it wouldn’t be too late! Writing on the 19th means that you’ll receive your scores on October 23rd, which gives you more than enough time to submit your scores to OMSAS before the deadline on Nov. 1st.
  11. It’s just under “Document Tracking”. There’s a section for your MCAT score, which will be filled out once OMSAS receives it.
  12. Not at all! I have a few friends who opted for that route and got accepted without a problem. It is always good to have diversity in your references - but as long as they support you and have good things to say about you, you'll be fine. The rule of thumb is to ensure that applicants get AT LEAST 1 non-academic letter.
  13. I would go for the PI from the lab - no matter how small your role was, he definitely has more to say about your abilities and personality than the prof you've never interacted with. Anyone can look at your transcript and GPA and comment on your academic performance - playing a role in active research in a lab is also a way of assessing academic performance, critical thinking skills, communication, collaboration, leader and much more.
  14. Other than that, you're not expected to write anything else. I believe they allow you to write more if there's anything in specific you would like to mention about the timeline, but it's definitely not necessary. For mine I had simply written 'Part-time summer', and I received interviews so I assume that it's fine.
  15. You need to make a new account! Each year OMSAS deletes the ones from the previous year so its weird that you still have access to it!
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