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  1. They send your verifiers an email with your entry copy pasted. To my knowledge 90% of my verifiers were contacted
  2. Literally all my verifiers are being contacted. I am at 15 and counting. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just sketchy?
  3. Last year the list closed mid July. Offers also came out a week earlier so based on this trend, we can expect end of July. Don't lose hope yet...
  4. After some snooping around, I believe that the french stream is now in the second bucket, 3.5 interview score. First round offer, someone got accepted with a 3.78 wGPA and someone recently got off the waitlist with 3.87 wGPA. Anyone care to chime in?
  5. How much do you guys think the 70-90 waitlist movement is distributed amongst the two streams? Is 20-25 reasonable for the french stream?
  6. Did anyone not have any doctors on their panel??? I had a 4th year med student and two non-physicians...Did not go ahead and ask who they were.
  7. Interested to know about that too...Can someone who got rejected but met cut-offs post the part in the email about reason for rejection?
  8. For any patient, unless it is an emergency situation, you cannot simply force treatment on them. Here, there are several options. I would first determine if this patient is competent. Each person's condition is unique and just because they have a mental illness may not necessarily mean that they are incompetent. Next, I would look for a SDM or any advanced directives. In the event that all of these are unavailable, I would consult my colleagues or a senior physician to discuss. Drugs always have side effects and if you cannot be sure a patient is okay with them, you cannot just assume they will be. Let's say the individual is cured of schizophrenia but treatment has made them blind, they might have preferred to stay in their previous state.
  9. Invite!!! Time Stamp: 12:44 pm Location: IP Stream: French wGPA: 3.83 Current year: Graduated BSch 15', MBA 18' ECs: Project Analyst Markham Stouffville Hospital, Hospital Interpreter, Surgical Program Analyst at William Olser (co-op), Quality Specialist at St.Michaels (co-op), Executive Business Analyst at Michael Garron Hospital (co-op), President of community outreach committee, Tutoring for various subjects, 2 research assistant roles (no publications), standard hospital volunteering, 2 international disaster relief trips, varsity badminton, some intramurals, event organizer for YMCA and a youth immigrant organization Casper: Felt alright, some technical difficulties but I guess I bounced back Interviewed last year, couldn't get off waitlist. Second time is the charm?
  10. Fingers crossed for the both of you! When do you guys in Quebec hear back from schools?
  11. Does CNFS have a separate waiting list from the regular french stream?
  12. Thanks for the screenshot. That makes things a little more hopeful. I am aware that there is no good/bad waitlist for CNFS. Just not 100% sure that waitlists are separate because I remember hearing at the info session that they aren't...
  13. Hi NBgeegee17, Are you sure or this? It would be great if this was true!
  14. Thanks for confirming that there is a good/bad waitlist. Could you possibly ask your friend for the bad waitlist part and post it here? Appreciate it. From the info session, we were told that everyone is placed on the waitlist. That means there are either: Scenario 1: One big list including CNFS, 52 people on the waitlist; 100 interviewed in total so 100 minus the accepted 48. or Scenario 2: CNFS is separate, 36 people on waitlist; 100 - 40 regular french spots - 24 CNFS (24 people were interviewed for CNSF) As per the movement, I also have read multiple claims but based on the overall stats, 256 offers for 164 spots, from the previous 2 years, I think at least there will be 10 openings for french.
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