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  1. Interesting discussion, I rarely post here anymore but I would like to give my two cents from my experience as someone who is still struggling to get in and also a minority. First, I want to say that I'm really happy to see more black students get in, it gives me hope as a first generation immigrant who moved to Canada after high school, and is still struggling to get in med school, which is my (and my family's) life-long dream. I think my case is quite interesting because I am not black, but I am African (North African, from a country that is officially considered developing and of a lower economic status), and I'm very proud of my African heritage. I have experienced uncountable hardships and discrimination acts during my academic career and they definitely put me at a disadvantage compared to the average applicant (White or non-White), in fact being a first generation immigrant who did high school in another country is a huge struggle on its own. Yet, I cannot apply through BSAP, because I'm not black (Even though I'm African, but you can imagine how awkward, fake and imposer I would feel going to a BSAP interview day with a fair olive skin. I know U of T says you can still apply, but trust me it is super uncomforting and awkward). Therefore, I really wish such programs were more inclusive of underprivileged people. I really wish such programs were more focused on helping underprivileged applicants based on measures like socioeconomic status or family conditions etc rather than being restricted to skin color (and that's what many top universities in the US are shifting to). I know for a fact that black folks are definitely discriminated and underprivileged even in Canada, but I also personally know examples of people who took advantage of such programs solely because of their ethnicity, even though they had a very luxurious and top quality education and bringing up because they come from rich and powerful families (Yes rich black families do exist, same as poor white families). And that's the problem with such ethnicity based affirmative actions, that often times the individuals who benefit from such initiatives are not really the ones those programs were designed to help or support. Lastly, I want to say that I definitely do not mean to undermine accepted black students who got through BSAP, I have no doubt that they will go on to be great doctors. But a common problem with affirmative actions is that they usually put so much focus on representation and ignore individual interest and fairness to applicants. It is not about whether BSAP students will be successful or not, I'm 100% sure they will be. It is more about the support and fairness underprivileged applicants need. Affirmative actions can be very useful if applied in an inclusive way and accompanied by other equally important measures, that's just my opinion at least. Regardless, I would like to congratulate BSAP students who got in and wish best of luck for those who didn't make it this cycle.
  2. They only filled part of March 24th, which means about 40% of spots are remaining, and if you are a grad student the chance is even higher since grad students started getting responses only this week... It is so early to lose hope, but yeah I hear you..it is safer to assume the worst
  3. Hey, congratulations and hope the interview goes well for you, Do you mind sharing a bit more details about your research productivity? Do you have publications/do you think you were considered grad or undergrad? Thank you
  4. Hi, I have a question and hoping to hear from people who have experience in reviewing applications, Does U of T really consider MCAT for cut off only? when I was browsing the invitations thread it seems most invited persons have pretty good MCAT, so does U of T really doesn't consider the score except as a cut off? and do reviewers have access to your MCAT score after the pre-screening anyways?
  5. I feel so... If you check the 2018 invit/regret thread, there is not a single post from a grad student...I find it had to believe that there was not a single grad student interested to post the reponse he received...most likely none of grad students received any responses yet..
  6. Well that's exactly what this discussion in this topic was about; what's required to be considered for grad pool. So, I suggest you go read the discussion again more carefully because the point of the discussion was about "being considered in the grad pool" not about being competitive for admission...and I have not discussed what makes you competitive even once in this topic..,I was only discussing what makes them consider you in the grad pool... And that was the question to which I replied by the sentence you quoted...someone asking about "being considered for the grad pool"... And thank you for not arguing more, I also decided not to argue about this point anymore...just wanted to make it clear that you were speaking about a different point,..
  7. Well since you guys like to totally believe what the website says...the website only mentions your academic CV and the achievements it includes as the only factor in considering you as a grad pool candidate and doesn't mention the reference letter at all as I quoted above, let alone considering it as a (very important) factor Anyways, I am done talking about this, it is actually not related to the main point of the topic. Good luck for everyone and sorry if I don't reply anymore about this point because I have nothing more to add..
  8. Also, since you are really interested in what the website says... well the website says considering you as a graduate student depends only on your academic CV and what you mention in it...not on the graduate reference letter... Here is what the website says: "In some cases, graduate applicants may undergo a separate graduate application review if you are able to demonstrate substantial productivity on your academic CV. Aside from presentations, posters and conferences, we are looking to see if you have completed at least one first author publication. When applying to the MD Program after completing a one or two year course-based Master’s program, you will likely be assessed as an undergraduate applicant." I don't think they mention the graduate reference letter anywhere in considering you as a graduate applicant...as per what they say...only depends on what you mention in your academic CV.
  9. Could you re-read what I wrote carefully?!! I didn't say any where that my information is based on what "that person" included in their letter!!! I just said that "the person" told me this information! Now was this information based on what she included? NO! It was based on what information they asked for in the letter template that was sent to her. As you might not realize, the letter has specific fields and is formed in a specific template, not just "free to write whatever you want" style. Anyways...no point of arguing really, because no one here has definitive information...so whatever.
  10. Based on what my supervisor who wrote it and also wrote one of my regular reference letters told me Anyways...I am just saying what I know, and I don't think either I or anyone here can claim to know the truth for sure, so it is not misinformation really, just what I knew directly from someone who wrote this letter.
  11. The additional letter does not speak about research productivity, it just confirms that you are in a good position in your program and that you will graduate on time.
  12. Oh definitely, I know many people who got in with no pubs...
  13. Yeah could be...all in all I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of grad students did not receive a response yet?
  14. Oh well, most likely they will consider you an undergrad, it sucks but that's what they say on their website...
  15. I checked the results thread, the only person is a Master's student with no first author papers, so technically she was not in the grad students pool
  16. Hi, I was wondering, did any grad student hear from U of T yet?
  17. Well then, may be we have to call tomorrow, although I'm pretty sure this means rejection anyway
  18. Paid and Received a confirmation email from uOttawa back in October that they received my full application and waiting my Casper (which I did later), the only thing I could think of is that I'm a PhD student in my final year...could they have put PhD students in a different pool? although they say on the website that we are treated exactly like undergrads... Did any PhD student hear back?
  19. Is there anyone else still waiting? I'm so surprised that everyone got a response...what's wrong with my case then?
  20. I have got nothing as well, I assume that means rejection for sure, but why didn't we get a response like everyone?
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