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  1. If they did, I think they would have to disclose that information to us as we have to consent to a third party seeing our work.
  2. I really don’t think they’re going to screw over that many people like that. The fact that they even said “extending it by a few days” means that’s probably the likely outcome. I understand it’s very stressful, however, just take a deep breath because it’s all going to be ok lol.
  3. Monocyte

    Urgent - Omsas Application

    I felt #blessed when I realized this, was such a pain to do last year lol
  4. Monocyte

    ABS Essays - Plagiarism

    I just worry if that in itself is a red flag lol. Looking at the website though, I think Mitral is right, they only use Turnitin for the BPEs, not the ABS essays. Phew.
  5. Monocyte

    ABS Essays - Plagiarism

    If this is true, then I don't have anything to worry about lol. I'll send an email in on Monday to give a heads up regardless.
  6. Hello all, In the realm of all the other worries I contrive surrounding applications, I would appreciate if anyone could provide clarification to this question. Last year, my application to UoT was unsuccessful. However, this year, in my ABS essays, I am re-using some of the content from my application from last year, some edits including things I've done since, etc. Since it goes through Turnitin, will it say I am plagiarizing myself? Pls help
  7. Monocyte

    Should I apply?

    Right, which is why I said if money isn't an issue . Your chances are 0% if you don't even throw in an application.
  8. Monocyte


    I'm unfamiliar with how CASPer scoring works. However, I think it is a combined score between that and your wGPA to develop a ranked list for interview invites. So if you had a 3.87 (not implying this is low) but killed CASPer, you can make the list.
  9. Monocyte


    Interview package last year said pre-interview was assessed on wGPA and CASPer. Weighting on each wasn't specified, but ECs weren't mentioned. However, I wouldn't be surprised if that package is recycled content from prior years and that wording wasn't changed.
  10. Monocyte

    Should I apply?

    If money isn't an issue, throw it in. Realistically, cutoffs for English stream (with a really good CASPer I'm assuming) are ~3.87 for an interview. At least that's the lowest reported wGPA from last year's cycle.
  11. Trust me, I agree with you. However, the current application process is a major departure from what they used to do indicating a significant change in their admission philosophy. To go from zero requirements for ECs pre-interview, to an entire document with 8 essays + a 'personal statement' style essay with emphasis on higher diversity in activities for a higher score (which in itself is a bit strange to me, if you are committed to serving a certain group and have become involved in multiple different activities with the same purpose, that's going to look less favourable than a person who has other experiences simply because they did more) is evidence of this. In no way am I benefitting at all from this change. I had to choose paid employment throughout my university career versus volunteer, so therefore those experiences like 'helping kids in a 3rd world country where I was exposed to a lot of diversity' are definitely absent from my application.
  12. I expect CARS score requirements to drop, maybe to ~128. I say this for now, however, in the future I see them following a UoT style selection with very modest MCAT cutoffs, a higher GPA cutoff, and a stronger focus on ECs. If they're unhappy like the other poster said, it means the current selection criteria they feel is failing them. Rightfully so, tbh. While I admire Western for their unambiguous selection process, standardized tests are not the best predictor of success in med school (as has been shown for a while now).
  13. Monocyte

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    True, let’s hope it’s that . Not even 3 days, first day only 1 or 2 people posted on here and it was super late in the day.
  14. Monocyte

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    So that probably means all first wave of waitlisters were called/emailed before Chantal left. Someone said before that Diane said she wasn’t sure if all calls from first wave were made. Honesty, I get it, move on etc. etc. Whatever. But it’s darn near impossible to make firm long-term plans with this hanging over us especially for this long. I get we’re all in the same boat, but I just want a firm ‘no’ so I can solidify my next long-term steps.
  15. Monocyte

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    And here I thought this weekend would be a calm and relaxing one