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  1. Your chances now are the same as they were before every wave, the time they send it doesn't mean anything. I speak from experience, a rejection is not the end of the world. People on this forum have applied for 5 cycles before they even received 1 interview. Seeing as you had an interview elsewhere, you're very fortunate in that aspect so hold your head up!
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    This Is Insane

    Even in the absence of adcoms being notified, I think any person would be extremely suspicious of someone claiming to have published 30+ papers by 3rd year university. It extends so far beyond what the 'average' applicant has that one would automatically think "this is bogus".
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    Uh huh...
  5. This most certainly depends on what you actually said. Obviously don't say it, but if it's overtly racist/discriminatory in some way sure that's a red flag. However, ethical dilemmas are dilemmas for a reason, both sides can be argued, and in that case it most definitely resides in the strength of your argument. Don't get hung up over it.
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    Having a % difference between females and males says nothing about the applicant pool. The fact that it is so close to 50% illustrates parity at the level of admissions into the MD program. A 10% skew could say many things for that particular year: 1. Females outperformed males in their academic record 2. More females met the MCAT cutoffs than males. 3. More females wrote better essays than males 4. More females had more glowing letters of recommendation The list goes on. I don't think there's an institutional level bias at the level of admissions pushing for more females. Beyond admissions, females have it much harder in the domain of securing more competitive specialties/even at the level of being taken seriously by staff/patients. I wouldn't try and say that men are being discriminated against, because I think you'll easily lose that argument.
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    It says McMaster University, not specifically Bachelor of Health Sciences
  8. First time interviewing at Queen's. Overall impressions: MMI: It was like others have said in the past, it felt different than practice prompts at home. Walking out of it I was like "maybe I didn't do such a bad job", felt iffy on 2 stations but tried to work through them as best as I could, and one of them there's a point that now I'm like "I can't believe I didn't bring that point up what the heck is wrong with you". Panel: Quite conversational, was probably my favourite of the two. Very warm and friendly. I understand post-interview feelings mean nothing, but I've been ruminating on it since I left the interview. Hoping it diminishes over time. EDIT: Forgot to mention the 1st year QMed students. They made the experience so so so so so much better, helped alleviate stresses, and I really love the amount of effort they put forward to make the experience more enjoyable. The interview weekend video was hilarious, can't wait until they post the link so I can watch it again .
  9. At a broad level, each school says every degree is held equal, no matter what. However, each school has individual requirements. UoT, uOttawa have very specific course requirements, so you may need to see how it fits into particular course requirements for getting your degree Western has specifications for the number courses that can be taken from certain year levels (e.g. must take 3+ FCEs at the 3rd year+ level) While yes, many programs are more difficult to accomplish than others, there's no way each medical school has the resources to individually screen each person's degree program and assess the level of difficulty. New programs are launched all the time at schools as well, adding to the complexity. Simply, if you take Biomedical Sciences, or Environmental Sciences, they will not be viewed differently.
  10. Want to know what’s hysterical? Holding onto the old belief that MCAT and GPA alone define good candidates. If that worked so well, why have all schools abandoned that method of selection? Sure it would have been nice for Western to give more notification that it would change. However, we’re not entitled to that, just like we’re not entitled to interviews, nor are we entitled to a position in the school. We play a game when we submit our applications, and not everyone can be a ‘winner’.