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  1. hossein1387

    McGill Interview 2018

    By the way, any recommendation for the equivalency process? She is doing the AFK (Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge) exam in Aug and she will be applying for Mcgill's Degree Completion Program in September.
  2. hossein1387

    McGill Interview 2018

    Thanks for your responses. My wife is actually a dentist in Iran but since we decided to live in Canada (I am a citizen of Canada), she needs to go through the equivalency process. So I was wondering if the interview that you guys are talking has anything to do with the Degree Completion Program interviews. Now I know which program you guys are talking about, thanks!
  3. hossein1387

    McGill Interview 2018

    Hi, I know my question might be strange to you but can please let me know which Mcgill Dental Program interview you are talking about? According to Mcgill's Faculty Of Dentistry, there are three undergrad programs: 4 Year Dental Program 5 Year Dental Program Degree completion Program As an International Student, my wife wants to apply for Degree Completion Program and I know that there are several interviews in the equivalency process. So I was wondering if you guys are talking about these interviews?