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  1. It was mentioned in the recent FB live that all spots were tentatively filled but there may still be small movements in the summer.
  2. How long does it usually take for OMSAS to receive the transcript? I submit a request on Friday just before OUAC closed for maintenance. Also can I hand deliver an official transcript to the OMSAS office in Guelph? Just nervous for this deadline after getting back from vacation.
  3. Result: Accepted - St. George Timestamp: May 14th 9:!6AM EST wGPA: 3.95 MCAT: Met cutoffs ECs: Long-term volutneering and extra-curriculars. Lots of research/awards from grad school. Brief Personal Essays: I worked on these for several weeks. I spoke from the heart and had multiple people (including current med students) edit them. I felt really good about them. 
Interview: My favourite interview! I felt like I was able to show my personality to the interviewers. I stayed true to myself and I think that payed off! Year: MSc So happy to hear the amazing news. Looking forward to being a part of the 2T3 class!!
  4. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 8:44AM EST GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 515 (126 CARS) ECs: Pretty diverse. I had long-term volunteering and extra curriculars. My research/awards is also quite extensive due to grad school. Geography: IP Interview: I felt good on 4/6 stations, 1 was meh, 1 was bad (literally didn't answer the follow-up question because I didn't understand it - still don't understand it to this day LOL). Panel seemed good though! Year: MSc I will be accepting another offer so goodluck to those on the waitlist!
  5. TIME STAMP: Feb 21 2019 11:17AM Interview Date: March 30 Result: Interview (MD) wGPA: 3.95 MCAT: Met cutoffs ECs: Diverse amongst all categories. PM me if you'd like to know more details. Essays: I worked on them for several weeks and had multiple people edit them. Year: MSc. Geography: IP I was most likely placed in the grad applicant pool so I assume that they are starting to send out decisions for those applicants.
  6. The prompt is posted outside the door. You have 2 minutes to read it, if I remember correctly. Then 5 minutes for the station + 2 minutes for the follow up question.
  7. Result: Invite!!! Time Stamp: 9:20AM wGPA: 3.88 Year: Finished MSc in Dec 2018 MCAT: 515 (126 CARS) ECs: Diverse amongst all categories but feel free to PM for details. Geography: IP The email went to my promotional folder in gmail so just be aware! Scared me for a solid hour! I'm so happy that I can get another shot at Queen's. Goodluck everyone!
  8. Just got regrets. TFR is 60.84 as OOP what is the cut off for OOP?
  9. FYI for those still on the waitlist "Class is full" email was sent out today
  10. Result: Invite (off the waitlist) Time Stamp: Feb 6, 2018 9:46AM Interview Date: Sunday, February 25 wGPA/cGPA: 3.88 Year: Master's (2nd year) MCAT: 131/126/130/128 (515) ECs: Pretty diverse amongst all categories. PM me for details Geography: IP I was BEYOND excited when opening the email this morning and I am so happy to have this opportunity!
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