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  1. Hey guys, Please advise. Is it better to go with: Scotiabank Passport Infinite + Amex Gold? OR Scotiabank Passport Infinite + Momentum Infinite?
  2. It varies from year-to-year In 2017 the "Class is full" email arrived on July 12th, 2016: June 14th, 2015: June 25th. July 12th appears to be an exception though, and typically, the email is sent out by the end of June.
  3. A friend of mine is choosing between these three for undergrad. Please advise.
  4. HMM! Thanks! Not sure if good or bad... From their response it seems that we clearly have a different status from people who are just "on the waitlist" then
  5. Is it bad that although I got the waitlist email, my status has never switched and was always on "pending"?
  6. Hi guys, Who is interested in meeting 2-3 times a week and practicing MMI scenarios in Toronto or via skype? Let me know
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