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  1. On 2018-02-07 at 8:44 PM, MD9511 said:

    Hello everyone

    I was wondering if anyone can provide any tips on how to prepare for Western's panel interview ? Are there any specific resources you guys found helpful for this particular interview? I gathered that Western's panel seems to be relatively conversational and less intense overall compared to others .

    I'm not quite sure how much time to dedicate to practice situation/ethical MMI-style questions since it's not a MMI ? I'm also wondering to what extent did you guys incorporate your EC's and life experiences into your answers ? I'm asking because I feel like emphasizing EC's here is crucial since the interview is closed file.

    I would appreciate any tips since this is my only interview so far this cycle and with a relatively lower MCAT/GPA combo, I feel like I really need to kill the interview!


    Does Western do an MMI interview format? On the interview invite attachment I am only seeing a 45-minute panel and a written component. Does anyone have more information on interview format?

  2. 16 minutes ago, insomnias said:

    I was rejected MD/PhD and MD post-interview two years ago, and now I've been rejected MD/PhD and MD pre-interview despite adding some ECs, grad school, and publications. Black box indeed.

    Same thing happened to me this time. Much stronger application. I wonder if not applying last cycle had any effect on the decision.

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