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  1. Heya! Another Western 2023 here. I feel you SO hard, it's actually ridiculous how much time we have to put in, and I'm putting in like 3-4 hours after class every day just to keep up with the ILs, I haven't had time to go back and review anything, I'm barely passing the readiness assessments and self-assessments (this raising a pass to a 70 is really screwing us) and I literally have no idea how I'm going to have a chance to review before the midterm. Oh and I'm already burnt out during week four. So, just know you're not alone, and I've talk to a BUNCH of people about this, and they all have similar feelings. My strategy is to keep pushing through, but I'm also going to keep attending the open mics, and personally email some of the administration because frankly, this is ridiculous, and a lot of our class and lecture hours and straight up a waste of time and also really poorly planned.
  2. Ah, sorry to freak you out - I should've specified that I had to request a letter of enrollment, but was only able to receive after my deposit was accepted. I emailed the admissions email with my OMSAS number, name, and projected start date and they provided one really quickly (within a business day). Wouldn't hurt to call, but I'm sure you're all good -
  3. Oh, that's so strange - were you able to receive a letter of enrollment though after your deposit went through? I had no issues with CIBC LOC after contacting admissions and being sent a letter of enrollment specifying that I would begin studying Sept 2019. It's a shame people previously took advantage of that "loophole" for a line of credit... Anyway, I feel they would've contacted us at this point if we no longer qualified for our positions, particularly if we received health clearance and submitted police checks.
  4. Curious by what you mean when you say no official letter? Wasn't the letter of acceptance the one sent out with our offers of admission?
  5. I also wrote all of my ABS last minute (probably did it in 3-4 hours the night before it was due and proofread in the morning). I'd focus on making sure your writing is clear and communicative - don't fluff up your entries or flourish needlessly, you want the markers to be able to read it quickly and understand what you're trying to communicate. Think of how many entries they're reading, they probably won't go back a second time if they don't understand the point of your choosing a particular activity for your ABS. Also use buzzwords, relate stuff back to the canmeds competencies and be really specific on why that experience will make you a good or excellent candidate for the medical profession.
  6. I’m going to be honest here, I wrote my entire ABS the night before in about 3 hours, proofread it the morning it was due and sent it in. Probably took me about 4 hours total, and I got invited for interview. But I also know I work well under pressure - I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing it the way I did
  7. Yeah, I used the same activity three times actually, but spoke of different aspects of the same activity. Also I’m not sure if this is true, but I heard that they split up your ABS and have separate people read each section, so it doesn’t matter if you repeat activities.
  8. I don’t think your GPA will affect your chances at Western, as far as I’m aware they only use the cutoff and don’t look at GPA post-interview. I was accepted this year with a 3.77 GPA during the first acceptance wave.
  9. I would try calling the admissions office and being completely honest with them about your situation. You don't have to give your name and can block your phone number if your worried about anonymity for the upcoming cycle, however they will be able to give you the best advice on what to do with your future application. There may also be a section on the application where you are able to explain this extenuating circumstance.
  10. This year's backpack colour is green!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BzincNqBuXi/
  11. You request through OMSAS and they'll receive it through that!! That's what I did, and OMSAS recieved it a couple days later. I think they still have access to our files until OMSAS is reset for the next application cycle (?), though that's just my speculation
  12. Yes, one of them did. Thought I should point out that at my university all the online courses are also offered in class, and the course code is the same whether you taking it online or in class since the material is the same - the online ones either just had modules to complete at your own pace or videos to watch in place of lectures. Not sure this is the case at all universities, which is maybe why there are issues with online courses at times?
  13. I took a couple online courses throughout my undergrad and was admitted this year! But it can't hurt to call the admissions website anyway.
  14. You can also order serological antibody tests for most of the immunizations that are required, and that is also counted as proof of immunization if you can't find your vaccination book. Your local public health record may also have some of the vaccinations that you received in school on record! If you have a family doctor they may also be able to draw up a list of the vaccinations in their files, and that might be a good place to start. Hope that's helpful
  15. Omg that emerald green is GORGEOUS Anyone know when we'll find out the colour?
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