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    Yes, I am OOP and had my interview last weekend. Honestly, who knows how they do the post-interview evaluation anymore (hopefully more holistically)... I justwent into my interview and gave it my all and then enjoyed learning about UBC's medical program and explored Vancouver. UBC Med is definitely my number 1 choice even though my MCAT may be the thing that stops me from attending. I recommend you do the same, you got this opportunity so go crush it!
  2. MDWilliams


    I have a 506 and got an interview so I am in the same worrying boat!
  3. MDWilliams

    Interview Preparation

  4. Congratulations to all those who received interviews! I was wondering if any had good online resources for both questions for the classic MMI and the written essay component. I know some of the Facebook groups have test bank questions, but I figured we could consolidate these questions into one location.
  5. MDWilliams

    Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!

    @Dalhousie AAMSHow many of the Med1's thought their interviews went poorly but still got in?
  6. Where does it say the character limit?! I could not find it on the supplemental form.
  7. MDWilliams

    Regarding MCAT

    I have a 504 MCAT (126 across the board, cGPA 3.98), I got an interview in the previous cycle (I did not apply this cycle, rather I did a MSc.). Have faith!