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  1. As I stated above, I declined UBC SMP hope it helps someone!
  2. Declined my OOP offer for SMP, I hope this helped someone else! Also still hoping for VFMP!
  3. Got an offer to SMP, may decline for UofT SG. I have to take some time to think as BC is the goal as an OOP. If I decline I hope it helps out one of you
  4. Hey! I was wondering if their is a 2T3 FB page yet?
  5. I got an offer from UofT but had nothing on OMSAS so I am not sure if OMSAS = Offer is always the case.
  6. I had an email exchange with Renee (one of the admin coordinators) about the waitlist and this is what she had to say. Applicants are categorized into provincial pools – NS, NB, PEI, Non-Maritime and wait lists are kept for each pool.
  7. Try to keep busy everyone! Hit the gym (healthy heart = healthy mind), focus on upcoming midterms, or finish your MSc. before July 30th (where I am at)! You are all awesome, keep calm and carry on!
  8. If you are an NS applicant and were wait-listed, what was your score?
  9. Not sure if this will help improve anyone's anxiety about this topic, but I had mine updated on Feb 13th after emailing them asking them to update it, therefore I highly doubt it has anything to do with your admission result. I think the admin just had a minute and updated it.
  10. Thank you! Yes, I applied as a graduate student! What exactly do you want to know about my academic CV, that is a broad question. To address your comment of graduate review results, I have had friends (other graduate students) who have interviewed already, but they were all IP.
  11. Timestamp: March 11, 2019 3:10PM (EST) Interview: March 31 Result: Interview (MD) MCAT: 506 (...Ya I know) GPA: 3.99 ECs: Filled them all. Tried to highlight activities that aligned with CanMeds, but I am definitely research and leadership heavy. Essays: I do not remember how long it took me to write these but I had a few people look them over. A lot of self-reflection went into my responses. Year: 2nd year MSc Geography (OOP) I'm so incredibly excited, I thought this was a total F on my end. So to all those that have not heard back yet, head up, there is still hope!
  12. Hello, I was wondering how reference letters were assessed, do they factor heavily into one's final admission result or are they only used to see if there are any red flags?
  13. Yes, I am OOP and had my interview last weekend. Honestly, who knows how they do the post-interview evaluation anymore (hopefully more holistically)... I justwent into my interview and gave it my all and then enjoyed learning about UBC's medical program and explored Vancouver. UBC Med is definitely my number 1 choice even though my MCAT may be the thing that stops me from attending. I recommend you do the same, you got this opportunity so go crush it!
  14. I have a 506 and got an interview so I am in the same worrying boat!
  15. Congratulations to all those who received interviews! I was wondering if any had good online resources for both questions for the classic MMI and the written essay component. I know some of the Facebook groups have test bank questions, but I figured we could consolidate these questions into one location.
  16. @Dalhousie AAMSHow many of the Med1's thought their interviews went poorly but still got in?
  17. Where does it say the character limit?! I could not find it on the supplemental form.
  18. I have a 504 MCAT (126 across the board, cGPA 3.98), I got an interview in the previous cycle (I did not apply this cycle, rather I did a MSc.). Have faith!
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