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  1. YLA007

    Obtaining a ranked list of where you place

    It certainly is true for in province applicants, although I understand they decide each year if they will respond and send out the rankings or not, as they are not obligated to do so. I believe a rejected applicant has to email the admissions office to request the rankings, who may then send it out sometime in the summer.
  2. YLA007

    McGill CV

    You seem to have answered your own question! If it helps, I recommend combining the less striking experiences into one entry. That way you get a lot more in but without wasting valuable space. You can format the combined entries as you like, write in all the dates and a general heading, and then put in one line or bullet point for each experience. Hope this helps! Best of luck!
  3. YLA007

    Using "I" and "My" in the CV??

    It's fine. I wrote stuff like that and got in.
  4. Curious as well! Very! But I respect the cyber anonymity.... One thing I'll say, I am super impressed so far and I think we have a really awesome cohort, everyone is so real and also fun!
  5. I don't know, but would imagine they've all been awarded. I mean, school pretty much began already
  6. It seems that the single recipient of this particular scholarship has been chosen. Got a nice email explaining that it was unfortunately not me, so congrats to the lucky one! So now all our questions have been answered! Maybe...
  7. YLA007

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Welcome to the fam!
  8. YLA007

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    @YASMEDHey, so your prayers have been answered? Seems the waitlist just moved to 26! Huge congrats!!!!!
  9. YLA007

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Sorry. But it does look super hopeful, so I wish you to hear good news soon!
  10. YLA007

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    I really hope this works out for you! Just pointing out you need two more people to go to get in, since 24 is the next potential offer and you are 25. GOOD LUCK!
  11. And just to chime in..... Born in 1986, I'm 31. I may not be the oldest one in my class either, and I'm sure it won't really matter. I agree with all those above. Enjoy your school years!
  12. YLA007

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    I don't see the consistency in bad matching, as the French schools never did better than McGill by anything more than 0.8 percent until just this past year, which seems to be the anomaly here. Note also that McGill is just one school while "the french schools" are the averages of three schools, so all this shows is that McGill is never exactly average, but they are pretty close by within 1 percent, with minor fluctuations due to possibly a myriad of factors, and we all know that by definition no single school is exactly average. You have to be looking at a larger data set and also calculate a significant difference of McGill from the average trend in order to logically claim what you are trying to claim.
  13. Result: Regrets Timestamp: 10 am May 8, 2018 GPA: 3.98 before weighting MCAT: 521 (130|129|132|130) ECs: 3 summers research plus year-round at various labs (no pubs), community volunteering, extracurricular teacher, mentoring program, active in cultural programs Essays: Worked really hard for a few days to write the best essays I could, did lots of research on both CanMeds roles and essay topics, and then wrote as honestly as I could. One interviewer actually commented that the writing was really great and that she was impressed.... Interview: At the time, I felt I was really amazing in two of them, but rather dumb in one, having to continuously backtrack and stammeringly explain my reasoning. For the fourth one, I have no idea as to how what I answered even made sense..... Honestly, I did not prepare enough, probably took it easy since I had done so many interviews by then and already had US acceptances. Year: 4th Year UG Geography: OOP
  14. IMO prep course is usually not necessary and can be a waste, especially if you already have the background. Kaplan is good for a review, as Eudaimonia mentioned, and that's what I used. I think the best way to prep is to buy the AAMC online practice package (through the MCAT webpage), and use it as much as you can! The other companies' sample questions and exams generally do not compare well to the real thing, and can be harder or easier than what you need, but the AAMC stuff is very representative. Use a review book set such as Kaplan to brush up on everything, and use the questions in AAMC to sharpen yourself. Then, every few weeks write a practice test (begin with the unranked sample exam, then move on to the two ranked exams). You will need to simulate test conditions and write those tests as if they were real, and then take a couple days to review them and see where you could use some strengthening. Pay attention to why you got things wrong (or right for that matter!); lack of knowledge, misunderstood question, lapse in thinking, etc. There are only three tests, so space them out appropriately to take maximum advantage. You probably don't need more than three months, max 4, (any more than that and you will be forgetting things and it probably won't help in my opinion), so can write one each month perhaps. The Kaplan book set comes with three exams as well, but not as accurate for gauging your score, good practice though. For CARS, I found that the various strategies taught in prep books involving outlining passages and categorizing each question type ended up wasting all my time for the question, so I recommend just practicing reading faster with high-level material. Read a good newspaper or journal every day and immediately summarize the point(s) of the article to yourself, with some time this should help you read critically and succinctly. The practice AAMC questions will help teach you what kind of questions to expect and what to pay attention to. Psyc/soc is hard to completely prep for, even psych majors have told me there were things in there they had never heard of before. I just used Kaplan and it was fine, even with no psych background (molecular bio). There is also this cool site http://www.wikipremed.com/ which is kind of hard to follow and is super thorough more than you'll ever need, but if you get into it it's a nice 3 month program to review it all... Can track your progress as well. I didn't really use it. Also Kahn Academy, good review and explanations, but I found it to be not very representative of the question types. If it matters, I scored a 521 (129 CARS) last year with only Kaplan book set and AAMC online package. Best of luck!