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  1. For OOP waitlisters I will be declining the offer! Congratulations to everyone and good luck to those waiting for OMSAS!
  2. i had 3.85 GPA, it went higher with different weighting systems 131 CARS strong research, LOR's, variety of other EC's (feel free to msg me if you want details) and yes i recently got interviews
  3. I think so, I have similar stats and I got a couple interviews
  4. Talked to lady on phone, basically its extended until evening (today). I asked specifically what time they said they dont know as they are unsure when it will be fixed by. I also asked if this would affect our applications (submitting after the 4:30 deadline) she said no as everyone is experiencing this issue.
  5. Second attempt 515 (128/131/129/127) Psych seems to be my worst subject, did Kaplan books... Will this hold me back?
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