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  1. I think last year someone called them and they told them the week the invites would come out. Maybe we should do the same
  2. Does anyone know with certainty what is looked at to determine if you will receive an interview? I have heard that they only look at your GPA and CASPER pre-interview, then afterwards look at your ABS in conjunction with your interview. But I have heard some people say ABS is also in the pre-interview score. Not sure where CAF fits into all of this.
  3. I've taken university courses on every topic on the mcat except for organic chemistry, so I am hoping most of it will be review. Good idea with the practice exam
  4. So I was planning to write the mcat late this summer, but I am going to be working 9-5 five days a week for the whole summer, plus quite a commute to and from the job. This would only leave me a few hours to study at night, and I guess i will spend the whole weekends studying as well. Its my first time taking the mcat and i know its content heavy but does anyone know if this will be possible? I'm pretty nervous because studying usually takes me a lot of time. Thanks a lot.
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