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  1. Some people also don't have the button, including one person who interviewed @ UofT
  2. Someone got an offer on OMSAS on the other thread for UofT
  3. I don't have anything on OMSAS for UofT. Button also showed up, but looks like it will be showing up for everyone. Sigh.
  4. Interviewed at U of T. No offer on OMSAS
  5. Did it come exactly at midnight last year or some minutes/an hour after?
  6. I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful
  7. If the OMSAS midnight glitch doesn't happen, do offers show on OMSAS after e-mails the following day, or before emails? Sorry if this has already been asked
  8. Also I used to be one of those people that HATED Hawaiian pizza but I started eating it and after the 2nd or 3rd time, I started liking it. It is an acquired taste, but I like Hawaiian now.
  9. What is everyone's favourite food? Mine is steak (medium).
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