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  1. Hey is anyone else now unable to access the CBL portal? I was able to submit my bio before the deadline a few days ago, but when I tried to access the portal yesterday evening and today, the connection has been insecure...?
  2. Just curious, but has anyone been able to apply for student loans (BC) yet? It doesn't appear that the application has opened, but UBC recommended getting apps in by July 15th...
  3. I sent mine electronically (only option at my school) around May 20th as well, and it was updated to "Received" within two or three days!
  4. Has anyone been able to access to the orientation checklist yet? It says it will be sent in early June -- does anyone know if it will be available on the oasportal or is this something we get access to once we are assigned student numbers/CWL and can login to Entrada?
  5. I am so excited and grateful to finally be able to post... Result: Accepted VFMP Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 10:55 AM (PST) cGPA: 94% EC's: Lots of research (honour's thesis, co-op) but no pubs, founder of one campus club and executive member of another, hospital volunteering (150+ hrs), high level piano (Grade 10 RCM) playing and teaching, held several jobs through university, several awards (academic, research, co-op). I was also recovering from a serious injury in my second year, and included this. I spent a very long time writing and re-writing my entries until I felt they reflected my experiences well. MCAT: 518 (131/128/131/128) Interview: I left feeling pretty good about most of the stations, but quickly started to over-analyze my answers during the wait. This was my first interview and it was a really positive experience! Year: Third year BSc
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to apply for a NSERC USRA (and a few other studentships) this summer and there are several labs at different universities that I would be interested in working in. I know the NSERC USRA is pretty competitive, as are the other studentships I would like to apply for, so is it acceptable to send out three or four applications with different labs? I have reached out to a few different professors and most have responded that they would be willing to host me. Is it considered rude to apply for multiple NSERCs/summer studentships and only accept one while the declining others (if you are lucky enough to get multiple offers)? Or is this typical? It just seems like the process is too competitive to bank on getting the only one you applied for. Thanks!
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