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  1. Hi everyone, I know this has been briefly discussed in other threads, but I'd like to start a discussion around MD/PhD programs. Option 1: enroll into a joint MD/PhD program, where you complete 2 years of MD, then transfer to your PhD (3 years), and then come back to complete the final 2 years of your MD. Option 2: enroll into a joint MD/PhD program that starts you off in your PhD, and then transition into MD years (not sure how many years), and then back to your PhD years Option 3: Complete PhD before pursuing MD Option 4: Complete MD, then pursue PhD during residency From those who are familiar with the different models across schools in Canada, which one do you prefer? Specifically, what are the pros and cons? Also, in your opinion, do the different models produce a different breed of clinician scientists (and are they catered towards different types of applicants?)? Thanks in advance. Perhaps current MD/PhD students can chime in as well.
  2. Hello, With the new requirements for uOttawa Med, I now have to retake General Chemistry I. I recently moved to Ottawa. Which school would you think is better for taking this course? uOttawa or Carleton? Also, would I have to re-do all the lab work as well? Thanks
  3. TheDarkPassenger

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Were you on the Good waitlist? (i.e. received waitlist email around 7:45 am)
  4. TheDarkPassenger

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    Hello, I have a B- in a general chemistry course. The B- at my school is a "70-72%" according to my school's scale. However, on the OMSAS scale, it translates to 2.7. Does this mean it is not acceptable? Thanks.
  5. TheDarkPassenger

    Bad wait-list question

    I believe he/she was giving a hypothetical scenario (where movement would be higher than anticipated) where there may be a chance of getting in off the bad waitlist.
  6. TheDarkPassenger

    Did MD/PhD acceptances come out yet?

    Personally, I didn’t apply to UofT... only uOttawa MD /PhD (waitlisted). Hoping someone chooses UofT over uOttawa if they got multiple offers! LOL
  7. TheDarkPassenger

    Did MD/PhD acceptances come out yet?

    Any luck?
  8. Hi. Did UofT release their MD/PhD acceptances already? thx.
  9. I just had my interview this past weekend. Does anyone know when the acceptances come out for the MD/PhD program? I was told it could be anywhere from 1 week post-interview to 3 weeks. Anyone have info on this? Also, is there generally movement in the waitlist (if there even is a waitlist)? Thanks.
  10. TheDarkPassenger

    MD/PhD Interview

    Hi folks, I have an interview for the combined MD/Ph.D program at UOttawa. Is this interview structured the same way as the MD only interview? I know that there will be a representative from the MD/Ph.D program present, but what else is different exactly? I have very limited information on this process, and couldn't find much on this forum. Thank you in advance. Good day.