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  1. TheDarkPassenger

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Were you on the Good waitlist? (i.e. received waitlist email around 7:45 am)
  2. TheDarkPassenger

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    Hello, I have a B- in a general chemistry course. The B- at my school is a "70-72%" according to my school's scale. However, on the OMSAS scale, it translates to 2.7. Does this mean it is not acceptable? Thanks.
  3. TheDarkPassenger

    Bad wait-list question

    I believe he/she was giving a hypothetical scenario (where movement would be higher than anticipated) where there may be a chance of getting in off the bad waitlist.
  4. Hello. In the past, has anyone ever received an acceptance after being placed on the bad waitlist (english)? I know this question has been asked before, and I did some digging on this forum, but literally nobody seems to have gain acceptance from the bad waitlist (other than the french stream), or at least nobody made a post. I'm not giving myself false hope here... I just want to know if its ever actually happened before. Accepted individuals may decline, good-waitlisters and bad-waitlisters may remove themselves from the rank list (i.e. after accepting another offer)..... And so theoretically, can't a bad-waitlister move up significantly? I have an offer overseas, so just wondering. Thanks,
  5. TheDarkPassenger

    Did MD/PhD acceptances come out yet?

    Personally, I didn’t apply to UofT... only uOttawa MD /PhD (waitlisted). Hoping someone chooses UofT over uOttawa if they got multiple offers! LOL
  6. TheDarkPassenger

    Did MD/PhD acceptances come out yet?

    Any luck?
  7. Hi. Did UofT release their MD/PhD acceptances already? thx.
  8. I just had my interview this past weekend. Does anyone know when the acceptances come out for the MD/PhD program? I was told it could be anywhere from 1 week post-interview to 3 weeks. Anyone have info on this? Also, is there generally movement in the waitlist (if there even is a waitlist)? Thanks.
  9. TheDarkPassenger

    MD/PhD Interview

    Hi folks, I have an interview for the combined MD/Ph.D program at UOttawa. Is this interview structured the same way as the MD only interview? I know that there will be a representative from the MD/Ph.D program present, but what else is different exactly? I have very limited information on this process, and couldn't find much on this forum. Thank you in advance. Good day.