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  1. Result: High Waitlist 2 yr GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 130/128/132 Interview: honestly really convoluted question stems at times but a very friendly panel experience! Had a great time overall in spite of a few hiccups here and there! Geography: IP, Non-SWOMEN
  2. Ironically that comment shows that you lack something personality wise.
  3. nsrdude


    Nobody here is an admissions rep so you want us to do the googling for you? Find info on your own. If you have any specific questions after that then feel free to post here.
  4. there has to come a point when Mac stops getting away with shit like this.
  5. they likely count (based on other med schools and westerns dental school)
  6. Now if only we knew how much the MCAT counts or if it even matters at all post-interview. On one hand i cant wait until May 14. At the same time, if May 14 never comes, then I can never be rejected lol
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    Unique Situation

    oh but it is easy to get into medical school in Europe. i know too many people who got into med schools in Europe after high school but stayed for undergrad in Canada and now they messed up their grades so bad they changed their line of field to optometry or pharm. I would guess 90% of all applicants to OMSAS would have received admission to med schools in Europe.
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    Bad interview

    Haha same
  9. I second this. OP you must do grunt work for a while and then you will have precedent to be considered for a paid position. You are not applying broadly enough if you cannot find a volunteer position.
  10. I'm going to ask my dad for 100 publications this Christmas.
  11. 1. school debt 2. white coat 3. a receding hair line 4. tylenol pain relief duh
  12. We only know it was 50% interview, 25% GPA, and 25% MCAT a decade ago. Hope that helps.