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  1. nsrdude

    5th year in need of advice

    He/she means 10 semester-long courses (or conversely 5 full year courses). You're both on the same page.
  2. I took away one word from all of this... Resilience
  3. Thanks for the update Now i wish i put more effort into my abs, i left it till last minute because i thought it was futile with my 128 cars. I guess its just a waiting game at this point.
  4. The process of becoming a physician is definitely taxing for traditional applicants since it is so long and drawn out. Being married with two kids won't make it any easier, that's for sure. But it has been done by others and you can do it too, if you are willing. Good luck
  5. Look, this years genetics was nothing...nothing compared to previous years. Biostats and organic chemistry are definitely the hardest courses for most students because they require a lot of effort to do well in, they are a combination of understanding+practice+memorization. Almost all biology courses and first year courses are very minimal in understanding and practice and mostly just memorization based. Glad you have a good GPA but you aren't representative of the majority by any means.
  6. Biggest question here is: Will this lower the infamous CARS cutoff?